-Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
-Offline: 8
-Online: 4
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 8-12 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Missable Achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements: The later, more difficult levels are the only place to get some achievements.

Digging 5,000m can be extremely tough. While a 5,000m level can be done in less than an hour, you will likely be re-doing harder levels often because of their difficulty.


Mr. Driller Online is like any other Mr. Driller game. Drill colored blocks to reach the bottom, avoid any falling blocks above, and collect air canisters along the way to keep you oxygen tank full. The single player achievements are rather hard, and the online ones will likely need to be boosted, since the Mr. Driller online community is rather dead. Achievements unlock at the Achievement screen after the round, like other Namco games, so be patient. Play as Taizo or Susumu. Taizo is quick but requires more air, whereas Susumu is well rounded.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

Step #1- Single Player:

You will get an achievement for beating America (500m), Egypt (1000m), Russia (3,000m), and for digging 5,000m down the infinite North Pole stage. While playing ANY of these stages, you should get an achievement for linking a chain of 30 blocks, it happens quite often. America is easy. you can mainly mash buttons to beat it. Egypt, Russia, and North Pole are all challenges however. Grab treasure chests for items (but be careful), and use them wisely. You air will deplete quicker as you dig deeper, so make sure you keep you air up, or use an item to do so. For the Air Maestro (collect 50 air capsules) and Block Destroyer (destroy 5,000 blocks) achievements, these need to be done in ONE level. Levels 3,000m or farther are the only ones where you can do this, but are practically required for digging 5,000m or farther, so you will likely get those along the way. There is one achievement for the quest mode, just beat the 1,000m level.

Step #2- Boost the Online Achievements:

Win 10 consecutive Solo battles, 10 consecutive Tag (2v2 or 2v1), 20 consecutive of any, either Solo/Tag, and win one of the Tag Battles by 200,000 Points. Finding a random match is hard if not impossible, you will likely have to organize matches in the Achievement Trading Thread. Ideally you would get three people, play 10 Solo, 10 Tag, win all of them, and then repeat for your boosting partners. Pick the shortest level to go quicker.


This game is no easy 200. If you are worried about completion %, you may want to steer clear of this game, it is hard. Boost with friends and good luck!

[x360a would like to thank litepink for this road map]

Mr. Driller Online Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete the America Stage [500m].

    In the single player game mode, select any character and choose the 2nd level from the left. This is the America Stage [500m]. Time and score do not matter, simply beating the stage unlocks this achievement. If you are having problems, try using a fast driller like Taizo. Remember to go after the green air canisters to maintain your air level.
  • Complete the Egypt Stage [1,000m].

    In the single player game mode, select any character and choose the 3rd level from the left. This is the Egypt Stage [1000m]. Time and score do not matter, beating the stage unlocks the achievement. Air is a serious factor when doing a level this long, so keep this in mind if using a low air character like Taizo. Air canisters will start to be surrounded by poison bricks towards the halfway point and beyond. They may look impossible to obtain, but air cans fall faster than other bricks, and if you are fast enough you can try and get them from underneath. This is a good opportunity to practice upward drilling.
  • Complete the Russia Stage [3,000m].

    In the single player game mode, select any character and choose the Russia Stage [3000m]. Time and score do not matter, simply beating the stage unlocks this achievement. This level will test your endurance most of all, so don't attempt this achievement unless you've had plenty of practice in earlier levels like America and Egypt. Use a character with a style you feel is right for you. I recommend Taizo, as he has the fastest block destruction rate, but the lowest air tank. Using Taizo you can save yourself lots of time by constantly drilling down as much as possible and going for almost every air can. Another good character for this level is Susumu, the default driller, as he is very well-rounded. Watch out for barrier blocks. If you feel confident you can attempt "Lifesaving Air Maestro" and "Tireless Block Destroyer" on this level.
  • Dig 5,000m in the North Pole Stage.

    In the single player game mode, select any character and choose the North Pole stage. This is the one marked with an infinite depth - it will continue forever until your driller runs out of lives. Time and score do not matter. The simple way to do this would be to dig past a depth of 5,000m (aim for 5,250 or so just to be safe) and die. This is not an achievement to be taken lightly - 5,000m is a lot farther then it sounds (5 times the Russia level) and there is no real strategy for this except to find a character you're really comfortable with and keep trying. Don't take unnecessary risks if you can help it, and keep your air level high.
  • Complete 10 consecutive Quests.

    In the single player game mode, select any character and you will be at the level select screen. Press up or down and the levels will switch to the "Quest" stages. During a Quest stage you will be asked to perform certain objectives, like Break X Blocks or Get to the Bottom Using Y Air Capsules. You have to perform 10 of these objectives consecutively to get credit for the achievement. This is only possible on a Quest stage of 1000m or higher. This must be done in a single round.
  • Obtain 50 Air Capsules.

    This must be done in a SINGLE GAME. This is easily accomplished with any character on a stage with 1,000m of depth or more. The larger the better, and you could theoretically get this on North Pole very easily. If you look on the right side of the screen while playing, you will see a stat counter. The item on the very bottom with the green air can icon is the number of air capsules you have obtained. Grab every can in sight and you will get this fairly quickly. Collect 49 or more and either die or complete the level to get this achievement.
  • Drill 5,000 Blocks.

    This must be done in a SINGLE GAME. This sounds hard, but really it is not. If you drill a group of same colored blocks, it destroys all blocks of that color attached to it. This counts towards blocks drilled. Watch the stat tracker on the left side of your screen to keep track of your blocks drilled. The longer the level, the easier this achievement becomes, and you might even get this in the course of the "God of Arctic Drilling" achievement since you're pretty much required to break 5,000 on the North Pole level to do so. Break 5,000 total blocks and either die or complete the level to unlock this achievement.
  • Chain 30 Blocks in a row.

    A chain happens when a block is falling down, but in the course of the fall it makes contact with a block of the same color. If a cluster of 4 is formed, it will be destroyed. Long story short, you want to dig in such a manner that blocks of the same color will fall into each other.

    I got this on my first game, on the America stage [500m] as Taizo, drilling downwards like a maniac and seeking out as many big color clusters as possible. Taking out big clusters causes blocks to fall over the place, and if luck is with you, they'll fall into other blocks and destroy those. Destroy 30 blocks in this manner and the achievement is yours. If you're having trouble, remember that your chain does not end if blocks are still falling. When going for this achievement, don't stop drilling, ever. If will not unlock until the end of the level, so don't be scared if it doesn't unlock immediately after your 30 block chain.
  • Win 10 consecutive Solo Battles.

    This is in the Online Multiplayer mode 'Solo Battle'. Win this mode 10 times in a row and you will unlock this achievement. Try to extend your streak to 20 games, so you can work on "Infinite Drilling Conqueror".

    You do not have to do this in one session or anything of that nature. The 10- and 20-game counters only reset once you lose a game of that specific type.

    If you are having trouble with this achievement, try to organize a trade with a friend or on the x360a forums.
  • Win 10 consecutive Tag Battles.

    This is in the Multiplayer mode 'Tag Battle', where you have a teammate. This must be done Online. If you want, you can have your teammate be a local player sitting next to you, not necessarily over Live.

    See "Fighting Battle Warrior" for more information.
  • Beat the opposing team in Tag Battle by 200,000 points.

    This is in the Multiplayer mode "Tag Battle", where you have a teammate. This must be done Online. You will most likely get this in the course of getting the other Tag Battle achievements. You and your partner will get this achievement upon beating the other team by 200,000 points, which is a pretty sizable margin. You can either play until you're matched against a team which is utterly incompetent at Mr. Driller or organize a trade.
  • Win 20 consecutive Solo and Tag Battles.

    Beat 20 consecutive Solo Battles, as well as 20 consecutive Tag Battles. The tallies are run completely independently of each other. That is, you can mix and match wins in both gametypes, as long as you eventually hit 20 wins without losing in each gametype.

    See "Friendly Tag Champion" and "Fighting Battle Warrior" for more information.

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