- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 14 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 6-10 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: Yes - Power Overwhelming (155G) 
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Power Overwhelming (155G) is glitched in a good way
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Welcome to Mulaka, a game that takes a look into native culture and explores several myths and legends. You play as Mulaka, a chosen one, that can harvest the porwer of the demi-gods as well as use potions from herbs he finds during missions.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The game is quite linear and will require you to come back just once to each scenario after you get all the powers in order to see all ghosts for A Link Between Worlds (65G), and you may need to come back a few times to Paquimé for Property Damage (40G). The rest is pretty easy to get while you go through the game. The only very difficult achievement is Power Overwhelming (155G); however, it is supposed to be glitched in a good way (read below)

If you need something, make sure to get it before the last boss fight. Check the missable achievements before you go for the final battle.

The game is quite easy, and is a nice break as the story itself is quite interesting. There are some moments that the gameplay will challenge you, but there are a few videos on Youtube with all you may need.
[XBA would like to thank Mahtan Tinuviél for this Roadmap]

Mulaka Achievement Guide

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There are 14 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Beat the game losing 8 souls total at most.

    This is missable.

    You have three souls, but you can regenerate them using the soul potion (dpad-up.png). You will see when you lose a soul because it will leave your body. For this, you would need to beat the whole game without losing 8 of them in total. Thankfully, there is a very simple workaround to avoid the need to do this.

    Exploit Method: You can play normally, finish the game, quit it, then load it up again and the achievement will unlock. I quit on the credits, and once I loaded it again the achievement unlocked.
  • Beat the game.

    Story related and can't be missed. Below is a basic strategy I found to beat the bosses.:

    Wa'ruara Seeló (boss of Paquimé): When he's on land, hit him 2-3 times and then dodge. When he's flying, hit him with a throwing spear to force him to land. When he makes a circle of clones around you, you can use the throwing spear but it's more effective to hit him with a bomb (dpad-right.png).

    Wa'ruara Rusíwali (boss of Resó Rekubí): Throw a spear to a tentacle in ground level, and it will shoot gas upwards, then use the Woodpecker transformation (button-a.png,button-a.png) to use this stream to get to the mid level ledges. Repeat the process to get to the top. Then throw a spear to each of the six mouths. The second phase is similar but there are six additional mouths, plus Rusíwali Kuta enemies flying around.

    Wa'ruara Watákari (boss of Arareko): In this area you learn to make Shield potions and they are very helpful to defeat this boss. The first phase is simple enough: just avoid the boss attacks and when it starts sucking air (to throw it back at you), you have to get behind one of the green fish and use the Bear move (hold button-y.png) in the direction of the boss. If it gets hit, it will be stunned and you can damage it by hitting its mouth. After a while, it will summon frog enemies and the bigger ones can get in the way. This is when the shield potion comes in handy. Just get far from all enemies, use a shield potion (dpad-left.png), and you can concentrate on dealing with the boss.

    Ganoko Kubechi trio (bosses of Hueráach): In this area you get the Puma transformation which includes a Puma attack; the latter I found useful for this boss fight and in general. Just run towards one of the bosses with rt.png and then when you are close press button-x.png and Mulaka will transform in to a Puma and do a special attack (costs magic). Keep running to avoid the bosses' attacks and hit them when they are not doing one of their attacks.

    Ganoko (boss of Basacheéchi): Dodge the boss attacks, and eventually it will do a move in which its hand will be encased in vines. Use the serpent transformation lt.png and then the Bear move (hold button-y.png) and after that it will drop to the ground and you have to hit it in the head with normal attacks, or a Bear move or Special attack if available. Dodging the boss attacks is pretty simple for the most part, except maybe for its rolling attack. When it attempts that attack, just run (rt.png) away from it and dodge at the last second.

    Ganó (boss of Bakówala): You have to hit some red crystals to free this boss. It's easy enough at first, but after a few ones it will be harder because you'll need to get on its back using the Puma transformation (button-a.pngbutton-b.png), destroy more crystals and at some point it will move a lot. Use the Woodpecker transformation cn_Acn_A) to avoid getting off its back and to ground level. If you get to ground level, you can avoid the enemies and to either side to use the Puma transformation to get on a ledge, and then use the Woodpecker transformation to get on the back of the boss again.

    Teregori (final boss): The boss is only vulnerable when it shows its skeletal form. When it does that, throw a spear towards it and then hit it with regular attacks, special attacks or a combination of both. Most of its attacks can be avoided by running, although there is one in which you need to dodge at the last moment (like Ganó's rolling attack). When it summons enemies you can deal with them or ignore them if they are not an immediate threat.
  • Purchase all upgrades.

    You can buy upgrades with Korimas (that you get from chests and by killing enemies) from the lady that teaches you to make bombs on Paquimé . You will need a total of 2,605 Korimas. Here is a list of what they are and how much they cost.
    1. Jiga ti - 260 Korimas
    2. Anátzame - 450 Korimas
    3. Wa'rú Anátzame - 450 Korimas
    4. Iwéame - 340 Korimas
    5. Sapunéame Se'lá - 255 Korimas
    6. Jiwé Se'lá - 390 Korimas
    7. Jiwperame Se'lá - 460 Korimas
  • Make an enemy kill another one by accident.

    This will happen normally as you progress. The boss from Arareko (the giant frog) will be very easy, as it jumps and may kill other frogs.
  • Use all combos at least once.

    This is a list of all the combos. You do not need to do them on an enemy.

    1. button-x.png
    2. button-x.pngbutton-x.png
    3. button-x.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-x.png
    5. button-y.png
    6. button-y.pngbutton-y.png
    7. button-y.pngbutton-y.pngbutton-y.png
    8. button-x.pngbutton-y.png
    10. button-x.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-y.png
    11. button-x.pngbutton-y.pngbutton-x.png
    12. button-y.pngbutton-y.pngbutton-x.png
    13. button-y.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-y.png
    14. button-x.pngbutton-y.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-y.png
    15. button-y.pngbutton-y.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-y.png
  • Interact with every ghost in the game.

    Here is a video guide. Before you attempt it, make sure you have all the powers (Eagle, Bear, Puma and Sanke).
  • Use each potion at least 20 times.

    There are four potions in the game : Heal (dpad-up.png), Bomb (dpad-right.png), Shield (dpad-left.png) and Rage (dpad-down.png)

    You will get all four by Heráach (level 5). From there, just use each of them 20 times.
  • Defeat 50 enemies using the finisher.

    You will get energy as you kill enemies. Once you do have enough, you will have the finisher (rt.png+button-y.png) at your disposal. There is no way to track it, but you should kill 50 enemies with that move by level 4.
  • Defeat 200 enemies.

    This will happen as you progress through the game.
  • Use the Bear transformation to defeat a Boss.

    The best boss to get this is Ganoko (boss of Basacheéchi). Keep control of his life with your vision (rb.png) and when it is around 35 you can use your Bear Attack (hold button-y.png). This needs to be the last blow to the boss, the rest you can do as you please.

    If you miss this during your playthrough, don't worry - it isn't missable. You can return to the end of the final level to fight the final minibosses over again, and defeating any of them with the Bear transformation counts for this achievement.

Secret achievements

  • Destroy 20 tents in Paquimé's Market.

    Paquimé's Market is the second level. You can fast travel back there anytime you want. There are several tents in the market. Just run and jump on them and you will get this.
  • Attempt to hit a pheasant.

    The pheasant will appear quite a few times. He helps you jump higher. You can aim your throw (by holding lb.png) and try to hit it or run after it and press button-x.png.
  • Attempt to destroy a vase in Paquimé.

    There are several vases on the game - just go near one and press button-x.png to try to destroy it.
  • Sprint for over a minute without stopping.

    Just sprint (rt.png) for more than 60 seconds.

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