- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
- Offline: 16 [1000]
- Online: 0 [0]
- Estimated time for 1000G: 3-4 hours
- Minimum playthroughs: 6
- Missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Difficulty Setting affects achievements: No such setting
- Do Cheats disable achievements: No cheats.

Muv Luv is another visual novel game evolving around cleavage and hairstyles from outer space. It is completely japanese, but anyone can complete it using this guide.

The information provided was taken from Droog's incomplete guide and lostgamer.net. It does not unlock every possible dialogue in the game, instead will save your time and go directly for the 1000G.

Translated main menu:

Change the 3rd and 4th options like this:

The third enables auto skip (RB) during scenes you haven't seen yet, the fourth disables text display during auto skip. It will speed up playing through the game enormously, and you don't have to hold any buttons through the entire time.

Translated premiere menu:

Translated Ingame Menu (Access with the X-Button):

Using the guide and playing the game:
Whenever the guide tells you to save, save right before making the next choice. Save slots are numbered left (1, 2, 3) and right (4, 5, 6). The guide for unlimited mode uses the second page of saves which is accessed with RT.

If you've changed the options as displayed above, you can use RB to enable auto skip for dialogues. Cutscenes are not skippable if you have not yet seen them, else you can use the A-Button to skip. Access the ingame menu with X.

Whenever you save or load, use all the left options to confirm.

Step 1:
Complete the 5 stories in Extra Mode. Simply choose new game and play using the guide. The Guide is available here: https://www.xboxachievements.com/foru...d.php?t=582253

Step 2:
Complete the Unlimited Story Mode. Choose new game and select Unlimited Mode.

Step 3:
Select Premiere from the main menu, then Warning Theater.

[XBA would like to thank Gleylancer for this roadmap]

Muv-Luv Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points





    Unlocked after starting your first game in Extra mode.

  • エクストラ 日常エンド1を見よう

    Unlocked after viewing the first normal ending.

  • エクストラ 日常エンド2を見よう

    Unlocked after viewing the second normal ending.

  • すべての音楽を聴いてみよう

    Unlocked after every music has played at least once. Not missable if you use the playthrough guide.

  • 全てのビジュアルを鑑賞できるようにしよう

    Unlocked after seeing every CG in the game. Not missable if you use the playthrough guide.


Secret achievements

  • EX壬姫エンド

    Unlocked after viewing Tamase Miki's ending in Extra Mode.

  • EX慧エンド

    Unlocked after viewing Ayamine Kei's ending in Extra Mode.

  • EX純夏エンド

    Unlocked after viewing Kagami Sumika's ending in Extra Mode.

  • Unlocked after viewing Sakaki Chizuru's ending in Extra Mode.

  • EX冥夜エンド

    Unlocked after viewing Mitsurugi Meiya's ending in Extra Mode.

  • 警告られた

    Unlocked after viewing Warning theater. Select Premiere from the main menu, then Warning Theater (see roadmap).

  • アンリミテッドを開放した

    Unlocked after enabling unlimited mode. This happens after viewing two good endings in Extra Mode.

  • 「どりるみるきいぱんち」を5回食らった

    Unlocks after getting punched 5 times. This is cumulative across all playthroughs and will automaticly unlock in the second playthrough if you follow the guide.

  • エクストラのエンディングを全て見た

    Unlocked after viewing all endings of Extra Mode.

  • アンリミテッドのエンディングを1つ見た

    Unlocked after viewing one good ending in Unlimited Mode.

  • アンリミテッドのエンディングを全て見た

    Unlocked after viewing all endings of Unlimited Mode.

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