- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 39 (900 )
- Online: 7 (100 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 35+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats Needed

Story Mode:
First of all, play through the storyline to earn storyline based achievements. You can choose any difficulty since the achievements aren't affected by difficulty. You should get the “Untouchable”, “King of the Iron Fist”, “Way of the Tree” and “World’s Fastest Ninja” while doing this. I advise you to do “My Taijutsu Coach” meanwhile since it improves your player skills and it also improves your characters stats.

Side Missions:
Once the storyline is over, it is much easier to do side missions because there are no road blocks, all the collectible coins appear on the map, and you are strong enough to do them all.

On the “Bag” you can see how many coins there are per region and how many you have. You can see all of the other side missions as well. All of the side missions appear on the map except for “Pervy Nation” and “Card Collector”. For “Card Collector” you will need to defeat Cursed Mask Sasuke. I advise you to use Choji with the following scrolls: Mist, Wind Master, Shark Skin, Snake Skin - all obtained by collecting the cards. You can see which card gives each scroll on the thread above. After this, you will be able to use the “Fox” Scroll which makes Naruto into Demon Fox in the beginning of each battle.

Offline Tournaments:
Just win a singles and tag tournament to unlock the achievements. It is not hard at all because you can retry from the same round if you lose.

This is the hardest part. In order to win all online achievements, you need to reach the Hokage Rank in the Tournament Mode, except for “Save the trees” in which you need to win a match without using any tree as a substitute. First, you will need you gain experience until you reach Jonin Rank. You need 5000 experience and you gain about 80 experience per win depending on your opponent’s rank. Once you reach Jonin Rank, you will have to win one more time than the last Hokage on the King of The Tower Leaderboard. For example, the last Hokage has 70 wins, you need to win 71 matches to reach Hokage Rank. To fight in the Tower, you need to win two consecutive matches. From the third match, if you keep winning, all the wins will count towards the achievement. To see how many wins you have, go to leaderboards, press left on you D-Pad and then press .
x360a would like to thank Gilberto for this Road Map

Naruto: Broken Bond Achievement Guide

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There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Win a fight using a killer combo.


    This requires timing and you will most likely get this in the Story mode. Simply use a combo on an opponent when their health is fairly low and finish with a killer hit. If you kill them with the final hit, this will unlock.

    You'll know when you use a killer hit, because the screen will flash white and a japanese character will show up. These are also unblockable.
  • Win a tournament in solo mode.

    See Team Champion.

  • win a tournament in tag fighting.

    For both of these select Fight Mode in the Main Menu, then Tournament. Set your number of characters to 1 or 2 and win the tournament. You are able to retry each match and so you don't need to be worried about going back to the bottom.
  • Win a fight without losing any health.

    I’ve found you can only unlock this in the Story Mode, simple enough on Genin Difficulty. Just don’t let an opponent hit you. Blocking counts as a hit. Just don’t tend to use team combos as the opponent can instantly hit you.

  • Complete all of the bounty hunter missions.

    These are shown by a scroll icon on your map and are started by talking to the ninjas next to the red poles. There are 10 in total:

    • Six are in the Hidden Leaf Village
    • Two are in Tanzaku Town
    • Two are in Hot Spring Resort

    To complete them you are required to go out and defeat 2 or 3 enemies, they are shown on your map, so simply go to where you're shown and defeat them.

    You can check your progress at any time by holding  then looking at Challenges.

  • Find all of the ninja cards.


    Find all of the Ninja Cards. When you find a Character Card, you have to defeat the Character on the card. Be warned that no matter what difficulty you are on, the AI character is set to the hardest difficulty.

    For Locations of Cards use this thread.

    You can check your progress at any time by holding  then looking at Challenges.

  • Complete all delivery missions with Shikamaru.

    These are shown by a mail icon on your map and are started by talking to Shikamaru. There are nine in total and for each one you must deliver two or three things. Simply run to where the arrow shows you and arrive at all of them within the time limit.

    You can check your progress at any time by holding  then looking at Challenges.

  • Win all of the gold medals in the Tree Action Sequences.

    Tree Action Sequences are the way you travel from zone to zone throughout the game. Simply complete all 18 of these within the gold time limit. To do this you need to hit the  button when the area you're jumping to turns green. This will increase your speed. I’ve found this works with the red areas as well, but you lose health. Once you’ve completed the eighteenth, the achievement should unlock.

    You can check how many Tree Action Sequences you've completed in a zone by viewing the World Map.

  • Win a gold medal in any fishing game.

    See Legendary Fisherman

  • Complete all hide and seek missions with Neji.

    These are shown by an eye icon (the same as the achievement picture) on your map and are started by talking to Neji. There are a total of nine missions and in each one you must find a sticker.

    As soon as you pick up the mission use your Byakugan jutsu. This will make a circle appear at the bottom of your screen leading you to the sticker. Make sure that the green part of the circle is facing upwards and you're headed the right way. Find the sticker within the time limit and return to Neji.

    You can check your progress at any time by holding  then looking at Challenges.

  • Collect 50% of the gold coins


    See the Gold Digger

  • Collect all of the gold coins.

    There are three ways you can obtain gold coins. They can be scattered across the world, rewarded from gold medals in Tree Action Sequences, or rewarded from gold medals in the Tanzaku Town minigames. You can see how many you've found in total by holding  and how many in each zone in the World Map.
    1158 can be found across the game world:

    • Konoha - 261
    • Gate of Leaves - 5
    • Gate of Branches - 10
    • Remote Forest - 81
    • Enemy Camp - 210
    • River Crossing - 77
    • Tanzaku Town - 47
    • Tanzaku Town Entrance - 76
    • Temple Ruins - 170
    • Hot Spring Resort - 221

    Another 270 can be obtained from Tree Action Sequences and the final 105 from the Tanzaku Town minigames.

    This brings the total tally up to 1533


  • Win all of the fishing gold medals.

    Across the game world you will find places where you can fish (marked by a fish icon on your map). To fish simply hold the  in the opposite direction to the fish's swim direction and tap .

    You can catch four types of fish:
    • Small fish for 5 points.
    • Medium fish for 10 points.
    • Large fish for 20 points.
    • Very large fish for 50 points.

    Your score is cumulative and will only reset if you break your line by letting a fish escape.

    If you notice that fisherman standing by the points say things like "The fish aren't biting today, come back later", then you have to complete the main storyline.

    You can check your progress at any time by holding  then looking at Challenges.
  • Learn all of the combos in the Dojo.

    Learn all of the Combos in the Dojo which can be found outside the Hokage Buliding. All you have to do is complete all Combo Challenges in the Dojo for Each Character. After Completing your last Combo Challenge the Achievement Should unlock.

  • Win all of the gold medals in the Tanzaku festival games.

    There are 7 of these in total. They are:

    • Snake Smash
    • Candy Drop
    • Kingyo Sukui
    • The Cup Game
    • The Flying Fan
    • Shuriken Toss
    • Target Practice

    Snake Smash:

    Possibly the most irritating of the games. Here you have a hammer and have to hit snakes as they pop up from holes. At first you will receive one point per snake, but as you hit more you will get a point multiplier and will also get extra hammers (extra lives). This will increase every five snakes up to a maximum of 4x.

    If you miss, then your multiplier is reset and you lose a life. If you hit a frog you lose five points, your multiplier is reset and you lose a life.

    Try to get your multiplier up to 4x as soon as possible and keep it there until around when the snakes start popping up three at a time. By this point you need to just hope you can get enough to get the gold medal.

    This will almost definitely take you a few tries, but, once you've done it, one of the most annoying minigames is out of the way.

    Candy Drop:

    Here you are given a row of buttons;  -  -  - . Candy will be falling from above and will fall through a button. Hit the button as it falls through to catch it. You receive one point per candy and five points for a star. Avoid catching the black rings as they will kill you.

    This game simply carries on like this, but the candy will start dropping faster as you catch more so it will need a bit of practice.

    Kingyo Sukui:

    Based on a real Japanese game, you need to catch goldfish with a net. Orange ones net you three points, golden ones net you five points and black ones net you ten points. If you catch a turtle you lose the net, but don't get any goldfish.

    You have three swings of the net in each round and you need to get fifteen points with those three swings. This isn't too difficult because you can take as much time as you need. It is much easier to rack up the points in the starting round though, because all of the fish are much slower and you can get them when they swarm together for big scores.

    In the later rounds simply try to go for the individual black fish, or groups of orange/golden fish.

    The Cup Game:

    Another "real life" game. Here you have five cups and a ball. The ball is put under a cup and then the cups are moved and you must keep track of which one it's under as they're moved about.

    This is quite easy at first, but it does start to move very quickly so a bit of lucky guessing might be a hand here. You can guess wrong three times before you lose.

    The Flying Fan:

    In this game you need to throw knives at a moving fan. Similar to Kingyo Sukui in that there are rounds and you need fifteen points to pass a round. You have three knives per round. If you hit the fan, you get five points and if you hit the purple circle in the middle of the fan you get ten points.

    Try to rack up points in the early rounds because this gets very difficult later on. The fan moves at random, swaps directions halfway across and turns sideways. You'll need a little bit of luck with the fan's movements on this one but it should be managable.

    Shuriken Toss:

    Here you have signs popping up which will either have a button icon on them or a taped over button sign on them. If they have a clear sign, you have to hit that button and if they're taped over you have to do nothing. If you hit the wrong button, don't hit it fast enough, or hit a taped button you will eventually lose.

    Although doing this legit is possible there are two little tricks that will make it much easier for you. The first is to hit the Xbox button as the sign rises. This way you can see what it is, register it properly and get ready to hit it immediately.

    The second method is to hit enough to get your bar into the green area, then miss on purpose when the signs are down to drop you back into the red area. This way the signs timers will be slower and the gold medal will be more managable.

    Target Practise:

    This is a simple darts-like game except that you only need to aim for the center. You aim with , but the cursor will slide around a bit (more so on later rounds) and you fire by holding the  button. Let the  button go when the bar hits the line near the top and you'll be more accurate.

    The amount of points needed to reach the next round will increase each round so try to aim for 50s (the middle) as much as you can.

  • Make all of the Lovelorn Villagers happy by performing the sexy jutsu.

    For this you need to find the Lovelorns. Unlike Rise of a Ninja, they don’t have Hearts above their Heads. You’ll find them reading a book with hearts on it. They tend to make comments about girls. You’ll find their locations in this thread.

    If you can't find them then look around near their location as they do tend to wander a bit.

    You can check your progress at any time by holding  then looking at Challenges.

  • Complete all gathering missions with Choji.

    Shown by a basket icon on your map, start these off by talking to Choji. There are 9 in total and for each one you will need to gather 4 or 5 bags of crisps.

    You are not timed and you simply need to follow the radar at the bottom of your screen to find them all. Find all of them then return to Choji.

    You can check your progress at any time by holding  then looking at Challenges.

  • Complete all races with Kiba.

    Shown by a flag icon on your map, you can start these by talking to Kiba. There are 9 races in total and for each one you need to run through rings. The races will get longer as you progress and take you to more challenging places too. Some general tips are:

    • Try to get lots in a row very fast in easy places, this will increase your time for failure in harder places.
    • Don't give up if you fall from a height. Try to find a way back up and carry on.
    • There is one pesky jump from on top of the Hokage's building. For this one you'll want to stop and line yourself up because it's easy to fall and not get up again in time.

    You can check your progress at any time by holding  then looking at Challenges.

  • Win a gold medal in a Tree Action Sequence.

    See the “World’s Fastest Ninja” Achievement.

  • Reach the Graduate rank online

    See Hokage

  • Chunin



    Reach the Chunin rank online

    See Hokage

  • Play a match online

    This is unlocked as soon as you enter an online match. You don’t have to win. It unlocks as soon as you enter.

  • Genin



    Reach the Genin rank online


    See Hokage

  • Reach Hokage rank online

    For all of the online rank achievements you must attain the require XP and then win your exam. Your exam will be a fight against a real but unamed opponent who also has that level exam. If you fail you can simply retry.
    The experience needed for each rank is as follows:

    • Graduate: 200
    • Genin: 500
    • Chunin: 2000
    • Jonin: 5000
    • Hokage: 20000

    Note: You can also become Hokage by reaching more kills in the tower of death than the lowest Hokage on the leaderboard, which is around 70. These do not have to be attained in one spree, but are cumulative over time. They are, however, bound to one character.

  • Jonin



    Reach the Jonin rank online.

    See Hokage

  • Win an online match without performing a substitution

    This is fairly simple, in a match just beat an opponent without having to use the Substitute technique. The Substitute technique is when you block and teleport behind the opponent.


Secret achievements

  • Complete Sasuke's Labyrinth

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You complete the Mangekyo Sharingan Minigame for the Second time.

  • Keep Orochimaru from destroying the Leaf Village

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You complete the first fight with Sarutobi Vs. Orochimaru (+1st and 2nd Hokages)

  • Defeat Kimimaro as Rock Lee

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You beat Kimimaro with Rock Lee.

  • Defeat Gaara

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You defeat Gaara in the Recollection.

  • Complete the Naruto vs. Kimimaro fight

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You beat Kimimaro with Naruto for the Second time.

  • Complete the fight against Tayuya

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You beat Tayuya with Shikamaru.

  • Complete Guy Sensei's quest

    Unlocked during Storymode after: Completing Guy Sensei’s quest.

  • Arrive at the Hot Springs Resort with Jiraiya.

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You reach the Hot Springs Resort.

  • Complete the fight against Sakon.

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You defeat Sakon with Shikamaru

  • Unlocked during Storymode after: You defeat Kidomaru with Neji

  • Complete the fight against Jirobo.

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You defeat Jirobo with Choji.

  • Tsunade is the new Hokage

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You Complete the Fight between Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru.

  • Unlocked during Storymode after: You beat Kabuto with Naruto.

  • Complete the Itachi fight

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You Complete the fight against Itachi with Sasuke.

  • Survive the Kisame fight.

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You Complete the fight against Kisame with Naruto.

  • Defeat the Sound Four as Sasuke.

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You defeat Tayuya, Sakon and Kidomaru with Sasuke.

  • Transform into Fox Naruto

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You defeat Sasuke with Nine Tails Fox Naruto.

  • Complete the fight against Sasuke.

    Unlocked during Storymode after: You defeat Sasuke with Nine Tails Fox Naruto.

  • Visit Sasuke secret room

    You have to reach Sasuke’s Secret Chamber. This can be found in a cave on the northeastern side of the lake in western Hidden Leaf Village. See this video:

  • Visit Orochimaru secret lair

    You have to reach Orochimaru’s Secret Chamber. This is inside a hut in the far west of Remote Forest. See this video:



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