Unfriendly Achievement in NASCAR 2009

  • Unfriendly



    Take track ownership from a friend.

  • How to unlock Unfriendly

    All you need to do here is race at a certain track for a couple of races and you'll earn points for completing the race, completing laps, and racing clean. Once you race at a certain track a few times, and get enough points you will then take track ownership from your friends. But one of your friends would have had to played this game at least once and raced on that track at least once.

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  • anyone wanna do this hit me up
  • This achievement is no longer obtainable. Fuck EA in all of its shitty glory.
  • what do you mean its unavailable? by the way its hard to have friends that play this game i have 50 friends and only 1 of them have this game
  • #3, the server has been down for a long time.

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