The Ultimate Experience Achievement

  • The Ultimate Experience



    Complete All Sprint Driver Challenge Events.

    This one will take some time, as there are 77 of these. You'll get performance points after everytime you beat a challenge, just use those on your car and that should help you out some. I have not gotten this achievement, so I don't know how long it will take, I am working on getting the achievement now. Will edit when I get it, to tell you how long it will take and stuff. But a pretty self-explanatory achievement.
  • These things are a pain in the ass. Anyone know a shortcut or something? Maybe what settings to use?
  • these do suck. espescially when your game messes up when your almost done them and you have to restart.
  • i had no problem with them untill right till the end
  • ahah my brothers like a nascar master made him do most of them, im left with all the easy-medium ones to do now on 70/77 so its gonna be a pain in the ass to complete all of them but i will get their ahah, made my road course stats all the way up to 100 and they are the only ones ive got left,
  • i hate the drafting challenges (example: Denny Hamlin) where you have to stay in the draft or the 10 sec. times will make u fail, and u have to draft for 4 laps around lowe's of all places
  • this is probably the 1 or 2 hardest achevo in this game
  • I can not get the challenge where you have to beat Ryan Newman. He gets to big of a head start and you cant draft. It sucks.

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