Kid Dyno-mite Achievement

  • Kid Dyno-mite



    Achieve a Top Speed of 200+ MPH.

    I was told to go to:
    >Race Now
    >Sprint Cup Series
    >Choose the #008 Car

    And then good luck at getting 200MPH on the back straightaway before you go in to turn 3. Turn Braking assist off and you should easily get this achievement. Also go into Car Setup before you race or qualify and put the slider all the way over to speed. That should also help out. You can turn Damage, Collisions, and Flag Rules off.
  • this 1 is a load of bs went 209 at auto club and got nothing
  • I know dude I have this achevo but before I got it I went 204 at daytona
  • Any tips on how to get this one?
  • Finally, I got this. All you have to do is to start a Race now with the best car (#008). Skip qualify and start racing but don't push too hard fall back to the back of the field. Then start pushing like there is no tomorrow and keep DRAFTING. That is the key. If you can draft till the end of the straights you will reach 200 mph. The achievement popped for me at 201 MPH.

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