Online Horsepower Achievement

  • Online Horsepower



    Win a Ranked Race on Xbox LIVE.

    You can either get this legit by racing against other drivers, or you can get a couple of friends together and just swap victories, pretty easy 50GS achievement.
  • this sucks that ya cant get this one anymore cause there to tight to keep a few servers up
  • the server isnt down i went and looked and it can take as little as 2 racers..if u dont have this 1 let me no and ill let u win to get it and then u let get this 1
  • I don't have this one and need help getting it.
  • i need this one 2 add me snakeskillquick is my gamertag
  • Looking to trade this one... jrockviggy
  • If anyone still needs this achievement please send me a message on Xbox live i need three people to get the achievement.
  • I need this acheivement if any one can Help. Gamertag is Snake Doc 5i
  • GT: VA5HtheSTAMPEDE .. I will be playing this tonight. And Army of Two!
  • need help geting this
  • on this right now add me Waggie2K10 and i will help you boost this and other online achievements on this game
  • im sorry to announce this guys and if you were going to attempt to get full 1000g on this game then you cant, as of 11th of august 2011 the ea servers were shut down, heres the link to wikipedia, go down to future of the series and read from there it states everything you need to know, looks like im going to have to move on to another game )':
  • Im going for this 1 the EA servers are still up andd how old do you have to be im 10
  • anything that involves online you cant get anymore because EA shut everything down
  • Fuck you EA!

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