Cross Country Achievement

  • Cross Country



    Drive 5,000 Total Miles.

    This won't take that long if you go through Career and race against friends on Xbox Live. If you don't play this game a lot this achievement could take a while. You could also race a few 100% races to get the miles up, just while you're racing the 100% length race, turn Yellow Flags on and Black Flags off and just keep bringing out cautions, that will get you a couple hundred miles everytime(Thanks to Veyron for help on this). But this achievement is pretty-self explanatory, it won't take long for people who play this game a lot, but will take a while if you play it off and on. The only modes that count for this achievement are Race Now, Career Mode and if you race on Xbox Live. Sprint Driver Challenges and Test and Tune Modes do not count towards this achievement.
  • Easy way to get this achievement is go to Bristol turn flags damage collision and ect. off (advantage ppl with tape) RT down start race and your controller shall drive for you yes your car will ride the wall and no you will not win this race but you can flip to watch tv while your race is still going (Warning Exsesive Vibrating of Controller) Do full 100% and after about 4 to 5 races you will have it
  • 1 bristol race is 500 laps, at a half mile track (total 250 miles), multiply by four, that's 1,000 miles...anyone else notice the math mistake ^
  • For some reason this unlocked for me at 4,863
  • Do driver challenges count towards this?

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