Chase for the Cups Achievement

  • Chase for the Cups



    Won 8 Sprint Cups in Career.

    This one is going to take you a while, all 8 Sprint Cups must be won in Career Mode. You qualify for racing in the Sprint Cup by earning enough Rep. You must be in the Top 12 in driver points to qualify for Chase for the Cup, then once you qualify for it, make sure you win the Sprint Cup, you won't have to win all the races to win the Sprint Cup, but you will have to win some of them. None of the Championships in Season Mode count. The fastest way to get this achievement is to put Race Length to 3% and turn Collision, Damage and Flag Rules off.

    (I only advise doing this after you have already gotten the 5500 rep achievement and maxing out all your tracks to 100 because your sponsorship and team contracts are going to gave a hard time being fulfilled, unless your stick to the lower tiered groups of sponsors and contracts).

    Though there is no sim option in the chase for the cup career, you can start the race and then quit out of it and it will act as though you ran the race but finished 43rd (sometimes better than 43rd) . So, my method is for the first 26 races of the year(before the chase playoffs begin) win 14 races and quit out of 12 races (shown below), qualifying you for the chase for the cup. Once in the last 10 races of the year, you will have to win 8 races (mine are listed below) to win the cup. The results may vary slightly based on how many total laps you lead and what place you get put into when you quit out so keep and eye on the standings a few races before the cup playoffs begin to make sure you make it. In my experience, this saves about 1.5-2 hours of racing time per cup season, which ends up saving you a total of about 9-12 hours in the long run if you can pull it off in the last 6 cup seasons. I tried to skip out of the events with fewer laps because I think you can get more pts the more laps you need, though I may be wrong on that.

    Here's the list of races I won/quit out of if it helps (Regular Season):
    Won: Races 2,3,5,6,7,8,10,11,12,13,17,19,24,26
    Quit out of: 1,4,9,14,15,16,18,20,21,22,23,25

    Cup Playoffs:
    Won: 27,28,31,32,33,34,35,36
    Quit out of: 29,30
  • 100 gamerscore? it should be 1,000
  • Even with the races on 3% of normal length this one takes a while.
  • I thought there will be the same numer of laps as in Craftsman Series. Instead of 4 laps you have to race 8 laps on certain speedways. This is going to take a while even if I skip races.
  • With the guide I finished one season in 2.5 hours. If you do the math then you will get this achievement in 20 hours. I am already bored after 3 seasons.
  • Another tip: on short track use a rubberband on RT and you will win the race. You can do whatever you want while the race is going. :)
  • After 5 seasons my save file could not be loaded. Fortunately, I had a backup save on my pendrive. After all this achievement is a bitch. Boring and takes too long. I have a lot more fun games to play.
  • Can u get this by raceing in nationwide or trucks? it says sprint, does it have to be cup titles?
  • It has to be Sprint Cup, as Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt have 7 championships each, and you have to beat then. So no, Nationwide and Trucks don't count for this.

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