Summer Circuit Trophy Achievement

  • Summer Circuit Trophy



    Complete Summer Circuit in My Player.

    See Training Camp Trophy. The Summer Circuit is what you play in right when you start your My Player. There are six games that you have to complete. It doesn't really matter what your rank is or how well you play because, most likely, a team will invite you to their training camp. I got B's and C's my first time through and the team I started on, the Magic, didn't want me anymore but other teams did and once I selected a team, I got the achievement.

  • FINALLY got this to work. It only took me three full play-throughs to get it. )8 On my final play, I went for getting at least an A- during each game. This was achieved by stellar defense, getting as many rebounds as possible, and trying to steal the ball every time the opposition inbounded the ball. You can't make any mistakes either. If you do, you might as will restart the session. Funny thing is.....I got the "Play in the NBA Trophy" achievement BEFORE this one. How does that work? .....

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