Training Camp Trophy Achievement

  • Training Camp Trophy



    Complete Training Camp in My Player.

    This achievement is a lot harder than it seems. There are 5 games in Training Camp and you have to play extremely well in order to not get cut.

    When I created my player, I picked a Pass First Point Guard. When you start the Summer Circuit, immediately complete all of the drills. I did the Steal drill because it was easy to get Gold in every time. It is best to complete all of the drills right away so you can have the bonus Skill Points for every game. Once you complete those, add the skill points and start playing games. When I added my skill points, I raised my passing ability to 80 and then Layups to 71 (thanks to gotworms for this). Once there, I raised my Steal to match the Layups and then I started switching off between raising Steal or Layups.

    Once you complete the Summer Circuit, you will be asked what team you want to continue with. I picked the Magic because of Dwight Howard. The key here is to safe often. While you are playing if you start the game doing really well or get a steal on your match up, save and quit the game and then continue. Be careful though, when you save and quit, it will go back to the last time the clock was stopped (a basket was made, ball went out of bounds, or there was a foul). If you do something bad or your match up scores, just quit back to the main menu and load up your previous save. Also, keep making new saves between games. That way, if you end up having a not-so-good game, you can replay that game. The most important place to keep a save is before you start the 5 games so if you get cut you can load that save.

    When I played with the Magic, I averaged 24 points per game and 9 assists. I also had an A+ every game. Also, when you are in game, press and to to Performance. There will be a bar in the middle of the screen that will compare you and your match up. Make sure you completely fill up the bar at the end of every game (it is all the way to the left). Also be sure to complete every objective for every game. I'm not sure if winning matters because I went 5-0. If you are doing really well then you should win anyway.

    If you get cut after the 5 games, you will be put in the D-League and you will be unable to get the achievement in that save. If you made other saves, load them or start over.

  • This achievement is ridiculous. I got A's and A+'s every game. Completely annihilated every single one of my matchups, averaged 22.1 PPG 3.1 RPG and 9.4 APG, but still right after game 5 was played I find myself cut to D-Leagues. I've attempted this 3 times will the same result. This will be 1 cheevo I will not be getting.

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