10 Blocks Trophy Achievement

  • 10 Blocks Trophy



    Record 10 blocks or more with any team.


    This can be somewhat hard if you are playing with one controller, so I recommend using two.
    First, make sure the 8 Second Violation, Back court Violation, and the Shot Clock are off. Then, get the ball with your second controller and go down to the opposite free throw line (the one that player is defending). Now bring your player down with him. Put your player a couple steps between the other player and the basket they are shooting at. Also bring him about a step to the shooter's right if they are right handed or left if they are left handed (you can tell by which hand they are dribbling with or just remember which hand they pushed off with the last time they shot the ball). The reason for this is because they don't always shoot directly towards the basket because it is such a far shot, they push off from that side even more and you might miss if you are straight in front. Now, with the shooter, press to shoot and with the defender press to block. If you press them at the same time, you will get a block.
    The achievement will unlock right when you get your 10th block.

  • im using one controller and i cant get blocks to save my life. PLEASE HELP!!
  • if u still got a problem and wanna play the game out change the sliders to help u. put blocks, vertical, speed anythin that will help u block, on the computer sliders u can put there reboundin up to the best so if they miss u get another chance also puttendencies to drive and shoot inside shots up with everythin else down so u no what tehy are goin to do givin u a better chance to attempt blocks then pick an allstart team against a smallish team to help even more. they just ideas

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