Rebound +10 Trophy Achievement

  • Rebound +10 Trophy



    Win the rebound battle by a margin of +10 with any team.


    You should get this while going for the player specific achievements, but you might not. Use two controllers and just keep taking half court shots to ensure a miss. You can let the AI on your team get the rebounds for you if you aren't good at getting them or just stay under the basket and press once the ball bounces off the rim.
    You need to finish the game for this achievement to unlock.

  • wait... this doesnt make much sense to me
  • u just have to have ten more rebounds then the computer to get this achievement
  • EASY WAY TO GET REBOUNDS: I recommend using two controllers for this. First, make sure the 8 Second Violation, Back court Violation, Shot Clock, and out of bounds off. Once you have the ball, get all the way behind the opposite goal that you are shooting at. Take a shot. The ball will bounce off the backboard and you will be the only one there to gain the rebound. Easiest way I've found to get rebounds. This is also great advice for all the player specific achievements that require you to get rebounds.
  • I need help with this achievement :/
  • Haha @ #3 these achievements are wayyy to easy with that :D thanks

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