Inside Domination Trophy Achievement

  • Inside Domination Trophy



    Score at least 70 points in the paint with any team.


    Points in the paint are points scored in the area right under the basket (the key). Just keep getting dunks and lay ups and this achievement will come easily. There is no way to see how many points you have from the paint, so I suggest only getting points from the paint until you have the achievement. That way, you know exactly how many points you have.
    The achievement will unlock right when you have 70 points.

  • There actually is a way to see how many points you have in the paint. Pause the game and look at Team Stats, there will be a stat line that says "Paint In Paint."
  • Err, "Points In Paint"
  • I know I have more than 70 points. I play as Lakers and got 35 layups in one game with Paul Gasol and it didnt unlock

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