G Performance Trophy Achievement

  • G Performance Trophy



    Record at least 25 pts, 3 stls and 2 blks with Dwyane Wade.


    I suggest playing the East vs West and Celtics vs Lakers games and get all of the achievements associated with the players on the teams you use before you do this. Create a team and then just pick all of the players you need achievements for. (See each player's achievement for what team they are on.) Once you pick everyone, you most likely won't have a full team so just pick random people until you do. Once you are ready, change the quarter length to 12 minutes and then start a game with two controllers and adjusted sliders in your favor against any team. Now, only play with the players you need achievements for. Make sure you turn Auto-Substitution off so the players stay in the game. Once you have a player's achievement, you can substitute them out for someone else you need.
    The achievements will unlock right when you fulfill the requirements so you can just quit the game once you get them all.
    Dwayne Wade is on the Miami Heat. The 25 points are easy to get, you can either shoot 3 pointers or just dunk. See 15 Steals Trophy and 10 Blocks Trophy for how to get steals and blocks.


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