Dunk-Off Trophy Achievement

  • Dunk-Off Trophy



    Defeat any challenger in a Dunk-Off.

    This is one of the harder achievements in the game. From the main menu, go to Game Modes and then NBA Blacktop. Once there, select the Slam Dunk Contest. Challengers sometimes appear at the end of the dunk contest, after you win. The announcer will finish saying that you won and then someone will pull up in a car and come out and challenge you. They appear at random times, though.

    There are five people that can challenge you. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, and Jason Richardson. It is best if Tracy McGrady challenges you because sometimes there will be a glitch where he just stands there and doesn't dunk. The glitch only happens with him but no one knows how to set it up, it just happens sometimes.

    Before you start, you will want to decrease Tracy McGrady's stats. Lower his dunking, vertical, and height statistics to 0. This doesn't always help, but sometimes it does so you might as well try. Thanks to Actiionz for this tip.

    When you select your players, pick Bryant, James, Carter, and Richardson. That way, if there is a challenger, it will have to be McGrady. Once you start, only use the dunk with up on the for both the gather and the finish. (The gather is the first move and the finish is the second.) Make every dunk and it doesn't matter who wins. Once you finish the last dunk in the final round, don't press anything. The car should show up but it might not. If not, just do it again.

    Once the challenger does show up, you will have two dunks to get a higher score than he does. What I did was put 3 speakers down in the center and then use right and right on the for the dunk. You should get a score in the mid-90s. Then for the second dunk, I put a car in the center and used down and down for the dunk. I beat him the first time I used those two dunks but I had 3 challengers before that and I messed up on alley oops on all of them. If you use an alley oop, it will increase your score but there is a much greater chance that you will mess up so only use it if you know the timing perfectly.

  • In order to get the dunk off challenger to appear, you need to have almost all 85= dunks for all the rounds. It requires much patience and practice.
  • Heres how i just got it i just earned it. I choose Iguodala for me. Wilcox for CPU. Lebron James as me but i made sure he had a high enough score to knock out Wilcox J.Smith used him the same as Lebron James. Jason Richardson came up and he stood there for round 1 but for round two he dunked but missed 2 times. When the dunk off was over he ended up with a total of 4 points. Tell me if my plan works for you. Krazy Kevin

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