20 Ranked Matches Trophy Achievement

  • 20 Ranked Matches Trophy



    Win 20 ranked matches total.

    To start a ranked match, go to Quick Match from the main menu and then press to highlight Ranked in the middle of the screen. You can either get these by actually playing the game, or you can boost them. Boosting is difficult, though, because there aren't any lobbies so you have to find your partner just by searching. As the game has been out longer, it gets easier to get matched up with someone.

    If you boost, you only have to actually play one game. After tip-off, your partner can quit the game and you will get credit for the win. They can do this 19 times and then on your 20th win, you have to actually play the whole game and win. Once you win, you should unlock all of the other ranked win achievements.

    You have to make sure you get all 20 wins within a month, however. The servers are reset on the first of every month so if you have 19 wins in one month, then you will have to get another 20 the next month to get the achievement.


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