Crew Game Trophy Achievement

  • Crew Game Trophy



    Win one online crew game.


    You will first need to be in a crew to be able to get this. From the main menu, go to Team Up and then you get in a crew by either creating one, joining a random one, or joining one of your friends' from an invitation. Once you are in a crew, you need at least one other person in it with you before you can start a game. To start a game, go to the Locker Room and then the captain has to press .

    You can try boosting for this by searching for a crew you found in the achievement trading thread and swapping wins with them, but I found it difficult to get matched up with them. It's probably easier just to search for a game and wait until you get matched up with someone with a bad record and then play against them. Once you win a game, the achievement should unlock. If it doesn't, back out to the main menu and then rejoin the crew's Locker Room and it should then.

    The crew game feature is a little messed up, however, because when you get matched up with someone and you think the game is going to start, it says the connection failed. Some people have said that if you search for a game and get matched up with someone, the other team has to quit and then when you get matched up with another person and you start the game, it will work. The problem mostly happens, though, when someone tries to use their created player. Just select 'No' when it asks you if you want to use him or not.

  • I can confirm that you can't get this anymore. You just get the message: This feature requires a connection to the 2K Sports service, which is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
  • well i'd be down to still try if anyone else is interested. how many people would be needed to create two teams?

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