Good Teammate Trophy Achievement

  • Good Teammate Trophy



    Earn a positive "teammate rating" in the online Team Mode.


    To get a positive teammate rating, you have to have an overall grade of A- in Pick Up games and Crew games (not in each, you have the same grade for both). You start out with an F and you have to do well in games to bring it up. Try getting a lot of assists and only shoot if you have an easy layup or you are wide open. It's not that hard to get an A-, A, or A+ in a single game. The trick is, though, that if one person quits the game, your rank will not change. That doesn't mean you should quit, though, because if you do, you will get an F for that game and have that factored in to your average.

    The best way to do this is to invite a friend into your Pick Up game lobby. Once both of you are there, search for a game. If you two are the only ones in it, start the game. If not, quit and try again. Keep searching until you start a game with just the two of you. Once you start, you can play the game like normal, trying to bring your grade up. Once you are in the fourth quarter, if you do not have an A+, have your friend intentionally foul you (he presses ). Your grade should raise because of the 'Draw Foul' bonus. Keep doing this until you have an A+ and then finish the game. Once you are back in the lobby, you have to back out to the main menu and then go back into the lobby to see your rank change. If you do not have an A-, play another game.

    If you boost it this way, however, only one of you will be able to get the A+. The other person will more than likely get an F. You can either play a few more games so the person who got an F the first game can gradually increase the grade, or you can use another account on a second xbox. If you don't have a second gold account, which most of you probably don't, you can just create another one on the console and you will get a free month of gold.


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