It's Better to Give Trophy Achievement

  • It's Better to Give Trophy



    Share any file type through 2K Share.


    From the main menu, go to Features, 2K Share, and then Upload Roster. Once you finish uploading your roster, the achievement will unlock.

  • Does anyone know if you are still able to do this? Every time I load the game up I try to share a file and I keep getting an error stating that I can't connect to the 2K server. Have they taken this game down since NBA 2K11 is out?
  • I am having same problem
  • Servers are shut down now for this one.
  • wtf... why they shut down the servers???
  • No the servers are not down. They are still up. I got achievements really easily. Just you have to have a hard drive.
  • are the servers down for this one now????
  • I can play ranked, but cant load the 2k share
  • I can confirm that you can't get this anymore. You just get the message: This feature requires a connection to the 2K Sports service, which is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

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