In The Zone High Flyer Move Achievement in NBA Live 07

  • In The Zone High Flyer Move



    Successfully Perform at least one In the Zone HIGH FLYER SUPERSTAR move in a game session.

  • How to unlock In The Zone High Flyer Move

    For this achievement, you must be "In the zone" for the achievement to count. To get in the zone, you need to score 8-12 consecutive points with your team. You can't let the opposing team score any. You'll know when you're "In the zone" as it will say "In the zone" above your current character's name in orange.
    Refer to "Perform Level 3 High Flyer Move" for tips on who to use and how to do the move.

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  • I still haven't got these achievements yet... for some reason they aren't unlocking
  • yea same here, i was the west all stars, (kobe Bryant) and i had 8 points, they had 0, it said i was in the zone, i was kobe Bryant, i went under the hoop held LB and rotated the right stick clockwise. What am I doing wrong? HELP!
  • i got the achievement and all i did same as what he says but for some reason i went counter clockwise
  • these achvs are glitchy! ive done everything properly and none of the achvs are unlocking! STUPID GAME!
  • How do you do these??

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