Ice Water Achievement

  • Ice Water



    Win a solo game in overtime vs. the CPU.

    After you play 4 Quarters and the game is still tied you will go into an extra period called Overtime. So you want to make sure that after 4 Quarters that the score is tied.

    On the "Main Menu" select on "Play Now". Now pick Team USA as your team and South Korea as your opponent. Set the Difficulty to Rookie and Quarter Length to 2 minutes. Now once in the game, go into the Pause Menu and go to "Settings">"Rules". Once there turn the Shot Clock "OFF". When you have the ball just let the clock run out, when your opponent has the ball and if they score make sure you also score. If every time you have the ball you let the clock run down, the score should be tied after the 4th Quarter. Now that you are in Overtime score a couple of baskets and win the game.
  • This achievement won't unlock for me. I've done it twice now, going to Play Now and setting the difficulty to the lowest and 2-min quarters. Also I modified the computer stats a little to make it to where they can't score (although that didn't actually do anything) and turned the Shot Clock off. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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