Super GM Achievement

  • Super GM



    Fully upgrade your Dynasty Mode™ team staff.

    You will be able to upgrade your Dynasty Mode staff after every Off-season and before the next Season begins.

    The easiest way to get this achievement is to start up a dynasty, pick a team, do all the stuff you like to do, then when you get to the start of the season you press start, then go into Roster I believe it is, and then edit team stats. Now just put your teams stats all to +99 and simulate two Dynasty's. Then you'll have enough points to max out your GM. Oh, and make sure your goal is to win the NBA Championship. And, as an added bonus, you'll get the MVP, All-Star, All NBA, and NBA Finals MVP this way.(Credit goes to Smithaveli)
  • EA servers shut down on this. So no way to get this achievement. Just wasted an hour and a half to find that out. Thanks
  • go to edit player ratings u can see what yhe next step is to step every 1 to 99
  • wow great thanx ea, i just got this game just 2 get a few of these achievements, especially that 1. it was only 5$ tho haha
  • It worked for me. I bought this game yesterday, just got the achievement today. So for those actually playing this that picked it up at Gamestop for a couple bucks, simply boost your teams player stats, and WIN two seasons. (Sim will work) At the start of the third season hit Pause > GM's Desk > View Staff > Uprgade staff from here.
  • Confirmed. Still works.

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