BMOC Achievement

  • BMOC



    Fully complete all of the 'Big Man Station' challenges in the NBA LIVE Academy.

    The 'Big Man Stations' are the challenges where you use your Center(C), Power Forward(PF). There are 3 levels to each challenge, you will have to get over 3,000 points to pass the first level, you will have to get over 4,500 points to pass the second level, and you will have to get over 6,000 points to pass the third level.

    Go to "Main Menu">"Game Modes">"NBA Live Academy", the select on "Academy Challenges". If you select Academy Practice you will ONLY be practicing the challenges therefore you will not get this achievement.

    The following are all 'Big Man Station' challenges:
    • Offensive Rebounding( Hit to block out the defender to get extra points. Hit to jump and try to get the rebound. Then hit or to try and score.)
    • Defensive Rebounding( Also hit to block out the offensive player. Then hit to jump up and grab the rebound.)
    • Low Post Offense( Hit to call for the ball. Hit to shoot the ball or hit to do a dunk/layup. Click to backdown the defender.)
    • Low Post Defense( Hit to try and steal the ball. Hit to try and block the ball. Use Left On or Right On to try and draw a charge.)

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