All-Star Achievement

  • All-Star



    A player on your Dynasty Mode™ team makes the NBA All-Star Game.

    The NBA All-Star Game is an annual event played during the middle of the season. It's a game that is made for the fans. Fans vote who they think deserves to play in the All-Star game each year. Since this is not real life the players stats in the game will help decide who gets to play in the All-Star game.

    I suggest picking a team that usually gets 1 or more players voted into the All-Star game such as the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Clevelan Cavaliers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs and a few more as well. All those teams usually get 1 or more players voted into the All-Star game. You do not have to play the game to get this achievement. One of your players just need to simply make the All-Star Team.

    You can sim through the season and get this achievement.

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