Clutch Achievement

  • Clutch



    On Superstar difficulty vs. the CPU, make two free throws in a row with under two minutes remaining.

    Free Throws are what players shoot when they are fouled or once a team gets over the penalty, which means they fouled to many time during the game.

    To make this achievement easier set the Quarter Length to 2 minutes before starting the game. Now once the game starts try to keep the game to within 10 and make sure you are winning. If you get to a lead over 10 points the CPU will not foul you. So make sure your lead is under 10 points.

    Now once they foul you, you will get either a 1-and-1 or 2 shots. If you get a 1-and-1 make sure you make the first Free Throw as if you don't then you don't shoot the 2nd Free Throw.

    To shoot Free Throws a meter will be at the top of the backboard. You will need to hold down . If you get the meter into the green you will make around 92% of your Free Throws. once the meter gets into the green area of the meter release

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