Club Victory Achievement

  • Club Victory



    Play and win a Team Play Club match.

    Team Play is when you and up to 4 other people can all be on the same team and play against up to 5 players online.

    You will need to join a club via Xbox Live. You will have to be invited to join the club. Once you accept the invitation and you get into a game, just simply try your best and win. There is really no tips on how to get this achievement. Unless you make 2 clubs and get 5 people in one club and 5 in the other and then just play against your second club making sure that your club gets the victory and then switch sides and let the 2nd club get the victory.

    You only need 3 people on each team to play a Team Play Club game.
  • add me if you wanna do this :)
  • If you haven't completed this achievement, you won't be able to because EA has shut down the online servers for this game.

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