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    Win a game with no dunks or 3 point shots in a solo game vs. the CPU.

    Dunks are plays when your player/s throw the ball into the hoop. 3-pointers are when your player/s shoot the ball behind the half circle that is behind the Free Throw line. You do NOT want to make any of these as that will make you not get this achievement.

    Start a "Play Now" game, set the Difficulty to Rookie and the Quarter Length to 2 Minutes. Now once in the game, go into the Pause Menu and go to "Settings">"Rules". Once there turn the Shot Clock "OFF". I would suggest using the Los Angeles Lakers or the Cleveland Cavaliers and play against Japan or South Korea(FIBA teams) as they are both rated 60 and are the two worst teams in the game. The Lakers have Kobe Bryant and the Cavaliers have LeBron James. Neither of those guys should miss very many jump shots inside the 3-Point line.

    Or you can also create a team of players and make all of them as short as you possibly can and have their dunk sliders set at 0. That way there is no way they can dunk the ball and you can just easily make layups everytime you have the ball.



    For almost all of the achievements, once you start the game up go into the "Pause Menu">"Settings">"Gameplay Settings">"Global Settings" and change all of your opponent's sliders for short, mid, long range shooting to '0' as well as other key offensive and defensive abilities. It makes almost all of the achievements easier.(Credit goes to Smithaveli for this help)



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