Game Over In A Flash Achievement

  • Game Over In A Flash



    Hit a buzzer beater with Dwyane Wade (NBA) in double overtime in a single solo game.

    Set the game to Rookie difficulty, 2 minute quarters and rules to off. Play as the Miami Heat and as soon as you get the ball just stand there. At the start of the second overtime try and score a basket with less then 2 seconds left with Dwayne Wade. Will unlock at the end of the game.

  • Settings- 2:00 Quarters, CPU Sliders Down, User Sliders Up Just Hold Ball And Let Time Run Each Quarter, When In 2OT Let D-Wade Hold The Ball Till The Clock Goes To 1 Sec Take A 3pt Shot Or Run For A LayUp.
  • I missed my half court shot at 1 sec in 2nd OT and I get the achievement anyway O.o

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