- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 22 [355]
- Online: 27 [635]
- Approximate amount of time to 990 40+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
- Number of missable achievements: All single player achievement opportunities can be triggered.
- Do cheat codes disable achievement: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Glitched achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: 1, Urban Battle 10
- Extra equipment needed: No
Need for Speed: Carbon is a very straightforward racing game. The controls are very simple and if you can do one race, you can do all of them without difficulty, although it can take some time to complete everything. The full 1000 cannot be obtained in this game, as the "Urban Battle" achievement is currently glitched and cannot be obtained. The good news however, is that it's only worth 10. The "Moderator Challenge" is also an achievement that will be difficult to obtain, as it is a viral achievement you must obtain from beating a Moderator at EA. The "Career Mogul" achievement can be boosted using DLC. You can make the decision if a few bucks are worth 10 to you.

Step 1: Single Player
Completing single player will net you about 250-300, in about 12-15 hours. Just go through the game, completing races. It's very straightforward.

Step 2: Online
Your goal here is to play 100 online races, and reach level 50 online. These are a little hard and time consuming. The average player, after 100 races will end up at only level 15. It can be sped up with boosting, but it's still a pain, and can easily upwards of 10 hours. Remember to win 6 games in a row, and play multiple gametypes to get the "infection" achievements. The EA moderator achievement also counts as an online achievement, but at this point, it is close to impossible.

Step 3: Reward Cards + Clean-up
This part is the hardest part of the entire game. Getting all the reward cards takes serious dedication and skill, and most players will skip this step entirely. You can also clean up other single player achievements like "Need for Speed" and "Drift King". The "Reward Card Hustler" achievement alone will take you at least another 10 hours, after completing the game.

Need for Speed: Carbon is a time-consuming racing game, that will take a lot of grinding on the players part. Although the entire 1000 cannot be earned, earning 990 isn't as bad as some other older EA game. Keep playing, and earn as much gamerscore in the game as you can.

[XBA would like to thank Maka for this Roadmap]

Need for Speed: Carbon Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete Career Mode

    To Complete the Career, Bascially all you need to do is beat the final boss. Right after the achievemets should be gotten. You dont have to do all the challenges just the final one.

  • Complete Career Mode and own every race

    Similar to Complete the Career. You need to do the same thing, but dont leave any races behind. Finish them All!

  • Ram 100 police vehicles in a single pursuit while in Career Freeroam

    You must be in Career Freeroam, within the world and get the cops attenition by speeding and hitting stuff, once you begin get chased, just start ramming all the Cop Cars you Can. If you See one, Just Hit, The more you hit the faster you'll get the 100 and the lower your heat will be.

  • Escape after a 12 minute police pursuit in Career Freeroam

    The Description is Pretty Self-Explantory. You must be chased for at least 12 Minutes, and then Escape. Try to do this achievement at the beginning of your career, as its much easier. There is a timer in the top right of your screen during a chase. It goes up in time starting at 00:00.

  • Win a Canyon Duel with no collisions


    Grab A Second Controller. Go into the first "Custom Match" option in the menu, and select "Split-Screen" and "Canyon Deul"
    Then start the race, and depending on which car represents your profile do the following:

    • If you start first, drive up a good distance, do hit anything, and once a timer pops up on the screen, wait until it drops to 0. And remember, dont hit anything.
    • If you start second, just get past the other car, and wait until the timre runs out. Again, Dont Hit Anything at all.

    Once you do this, the achievement will unlock.

  • Score 500,000 points in a Drift event

    The Easiest way to do this is to set your laps to 8. Average 63,000 Points a lap, and you'll be fine. The longer the track, the more time and truns you have to do, so the easier it is. This way is cheap but very easy.

    If your looking for a challenge, go to the challenge series and try the Drift challenge where you drive a Corvette. This is basically the track that the achievement was built for.

  • Earn 1,000,000 cash in Career Mode

    You need to have $1,000,000 in your bank at one time. This is very difficult. The only advice I can give is to not spend any money until the end of the game. Buying the cars in the online marketplace helps out quite a lot. Try them out..

  • Beat all Bronze Challenge Series Events

    Go to the Challenge series Tab, and complete all the challenges on at least Bronze.

  • Beat all Silver Challenge Series Events

    Do some Challenges. You need at least Silver on all of them.

  • Beat all Gold Challenge Series Events

    Complete ALL the challenges. This is hard, and will take a while, and theres not anything you can do to speed it up. Just Practice, and get better, and better, and dont give up, because you wil be frustated at points.

  • Cause 200,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit while in Career Freeroam

    This is probably one of the easier achievemetn within the game. All you need to do is cause $200,000 Cost to State. It can be accumulated by hitting signs, poles, civilian cars and cop cars. Signs And Poles barely give money, while civilian cars will average $500. Cop Cars will give the most. Just ram them, or disable them/ The Cost to State will appear near the bottom right corner of the screen everytime you cause some damage. Once you have $200,000 end the pursuit anyway, and the achievement is yours.

  • Hit 230 Mph in a Speedtrap


    The Easiest way to get this is to beat the single palyer game and unlock the fast cars. Once you get a car, boost its top speed as much as you can, with the upgrades. Then go into a race and get Nikki to be your Crew Member. You should be able to get it, after drafting behind her.

  • Disable 50 police vehicles while in Career Freeroam

    While just Crusing the City you have to hit A Police Car so hard that it gets disabled, meaning that it basically breaks, and just stops working.

  • Avoid 5 spike strips in a police pursuit while in Career Freeroam

    Spike strips will start appearing around heat level 3 or 4 depending on the situation. Start a chase and and dont hit any spike strips. Avoiding them includes going right beside them or turning in the street before them. Once you get 5, Escape.

  • Immobilize a police Rhino while in Career Freeroam

    The Best Way to do This achievement is to go to your Career, and get the cops to start chasing you. Once you get 3 "stars" or get your heat to 3, they cops should get harder and Rhinos or Those big SUVs should create roadblocks or come in the opposite direction taht your going to stop you. Your best bet to disable one, is to wait for the right time. Wait until you see a Roadblock or Spike Strip Block and listen to the cops talking on the radio. Once you see the Block, use your speedbreaker. See where all the cars are, than see if there are any spikes. After you determine these things, go back to normal time, and use ALL of your Nitrous in the BACK of a Rhino/SUV. You should disable it, and it should do a couple of flips. If you dont get a bonus for destroying it, turn around and ram the same one again or a couple of more times. Once tyou get bounty for doing it, you know you've done it. The achievement will be given at the end of the chase, whether you get caught or not.

  • Win 50 Free Roam Challenges in Career Mode

    This achievement is currently glitched!

  • Unlock 36 Cars


    Pretty Straight Forward. You need to unlock 36 cars. You unlock cars, by making progres within "Career Mode." You should unlock a car every once in a while, approximately every time, you conquer a new part of the map. The achievemnt should be gotten a couple races before beating the game, after conquering almost all of the sections of the map. To check on the curret amount of cars, you've unlocked go to your "Stats" in the Main Menu.

  • Fill your Career Garage with only Muscle Cars

    Take A Look at "Exotic Aficionado" for achievement details.

  • Fill your Career Garage with only Tuner Cars

    Take A Look at "Exotic Aficionado" for achievement details.

  • Fill your Career Garage with only Exotic Cars

    There are a couple of ways to get these achievements. The easiest way involves spending 240 Microsost Marketplace Points. There are 3 cars on the marketplace that you can buy, using 80 points each. Buy the "Nissan Skyline R-34" , "Dodge Viper SRT-10" & the "Insert-Name-Here" I found the easiest way was to start a new career using the according club, that you want the achievement for, and heading to the Car Lot, and buying that car over and over again at a free price. This takes far less time, and skill than the other way, but works just as well.
    The other way, is the old fashion way, Raise a lot of money, go out and buy only the type of cars you need to get the achievement. You need to fill your garage, so saving up for 6-8 cars may take a while.

  • Completed every Offline and Online Reward Cards

    This achievement is probably the Hardest achieement within the game. You have to unlock all the Reward Cards. You can take a look at them throught eh Main Menu, and they are rewarded for doing specific tasks during the game.

  • Check NeedforSpeed.com to learn how to get this Achievement

    To do this achievement you need Xbox Live. Go Online and do a race (Ranked or Unranked) on "York Road". Once the race starts you must wait 10 seconds AFTER the first person started and then finish the race first. So, If nobody moves for 5 seconds, than you can start moving at 15 seconds. It's approximately a 2:15-2:30 Race, and really isnt a problem especially if you can get a friend to help you, in a 2 person game.

  • Finish an Online race during a Race Week

    Race weeks come, and are determined by the people over at EA. They may be random or come every so often, but it's basically a week that's a "Race Week" The first week the game was released was a Race week. If you have trouble with this acheivement, just do one race a week and you should eventually get it.

  • Play 50 games Online

    You need to finish 50 games Online. Both ranked and Player Match games count. To check, go to your stats.

  • Play 100 games Online

    Same as "Lieutanent", except two times more.

  • Get a 3 game winning streak in Ranked Online games

    See "Iron Man".

  • Get a 5 game winning streak in Ranked Online games

    See "Iron Man".

  • Beat 5 Challenge Series Events Online

    From the Main Menu, there's an option called "Challenge Series". Here are a couple of challenges, that you can do for fun and achievements. For this achievement, you must do any of the challenges with Co-op availablity online with someone else, 5 Times.

  • Beat 15 Challenge Series Events Online

    Same As "Beat 5 Challenge Series Events Online" except you must beat 15 instead.

  • Cross the finish line in reverse to win a ranked Sprint race

    You must go online and In a Ranked Match of Sprint, you need to finish the match first and backwards. When your first by enough, just spin your car around and back bumper first throught the finish line.

  • Get a 4 game winning streak in Ranked Online games

    See "Iron man".

  • Get a 6 game winning streak in Ranked Online games

    There's really no way of doing these with a friend, as it's very hard to stay together and get matched up in the first place, you cantry it, but you'll most likely get split up and put into different races, where if you quit, your streak will get broken. The best bet, is to go online, during an unpopular time (Example: Monday Morning or Middle of the Night) and try and match up together.

  • Finish an Online Ranked race or Online Challenge Series race

    Just do any kind of race available in the online mode.

  • Beat an EA Moderator in an Online game

    First you must get matched up with an EA Moderator, and then you must actually beat them. This isnt easy now, as they dont play to often, so your best bet is to send them a message over Xbox Live. Here are the Moderator's Gamertags:

    • SomeCanucker
    • MagnusBuchan
    • Carbon13
    • Pie Baron
    • EA Jon
    • Sniperworks
    • Andrewhahn
    • Chungface
    • Hawado
    • Caspel
    • XanthViperen
    • EA Nathan
  • Catch Knockout Fever by playing an Online Pursuit Knockout race with an infected player


    See "The Carbon Plague".

  • Catch Canyon Craze by playing an Online Canyon Duel with an infected player


    See "The Carbon Plague".

  • Catch the Pursuit Pandemic by playing an Online Pursuit Tag game with an infected player


    See "The Carbon Plague".

  • Catch the Carbon Plague by catching all 3 other viruses

    For this achievement, you must catch all 3 of the Viral Achievements available in the Game. Theya re caught in the following game modes: Pursuit Tag, Knockout and Canyon Duel. All you have to do is play with someone that has it.

  • Reach Online XP Level 1

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 2

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 4

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 6

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 9

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 13

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 18

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 23

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 29

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 35

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 42

    See "Online XP Level 50".

  • Reach Online XP Level 50

    During any type of online play you will Receive some Experience (XP) for every race you do. As your XP builds up, your rank will increase. The higher your rank the harder it is to go up. It's almost like leveling In World of Warcraft. It will take a lot of races to reach 50, but with patience and time, it'll come, just play online a lot. The better you finish the more XP you'll get. So go out there, and play some online.

    Any Questions or Concerns You can Contact the author Through a couple of Ways:
    XboxLive: Gamertag: Maka91
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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