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    Own all the Most Wanted cars (Single Player)

    To own a Most Wanted car, you first need to earn the right to race against a Most Wanted racer by earning Speed Points. SP is collected by doing just about anything. Some tasks that will earn you SP include completing events, doing stunts, competing in Autolog, escaping pursuits, and playing online.

    The number of Speed Points required to compete against each Most Wanted car are as follows:

    • Most Wanted #10 - 60,000 SP Alfa Romeo 4C Concept
    • Most Wanted #9 - 135,000 SP Shelby COBRA 427®
    • Most Wanted #8 - 220,000 SP Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG
    • Most Wanted #7 - 315,000 SP Lexus LFA
    • Most Wanted #6 - 415,000 SP McLaren MP4-12C
    • Most Wanted #5 - 520,000 SP Porsche 918 Spyder Concept
    • Most Wanted #4 - 630,000 SP Lamborghini Aventador
    • Most Wanted #3 - 750,000 SP Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
    • Most Wanted #2 - 875,000 SP Pagani Huayra
    • Most Wanted #1 - 1,000,000 SP Koenigsegg Agera R

    Once enough Speed Points are earned, start the Most Wanted event from the Easy Drive menu and drive to its location to start it. During the race, police will be in hot pursuit the whole time. Police presence will be greater the further you move up the list. When you start getting higher up, it's a very good idea to have re-inflatable tires equipped to get through all the spike strips. Any car can be used for Most Wanted events.

    Something to keep in mind is that rubber banding is pretty extreme in these events. Your rival will always be just behind you no matter what. It does work both ways though, so keeping up shouldn't be too difficult.

    After the race is won, you are taken back to free roam and tasked with shutting them down to take their car. Get up close and ram them until you score a takedown. Each Most Wanted driver you wreck will also unlock a corresponding achievement for that particular car.

    Don't sweat it if you lose track of them. They'll eventually reappear and pull up ahead of you as you're driving around the city. They are indicated by a black arrow on your mini-map.

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  • This one pops once you beat the CCX Koenigsegg.
  • Yes become no 1 and it pops up! Didn't expect it was expecting 45 so well chuffed when it popped up! I completed the game using the ford gt it beat all the cars ????
  • didnt unlock for me anyone know why ?
  • have you wrecked all the cars or have you just beaten them in the races because I think you have to shutdown all 10 cars for the acievement
  • ive wrecked all the cars and i have beaten the races
  • #3 me either

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