Love Them and Leave Them Achievement

  • Love Them and Leave Them



    Drove every Car

    There are 31 cars to be found in Jack Spots, and 10 Most Wanted cars, for a total of 41 cars. For discoverable cars, you'll find Jack Spots all over the city. Each car has 3 Jack Spots. There's also the 10 Most Wanted cars that need to be earned. Once every car is found and earned, use the "Change Car" option from the Easy Drive menu to get in and use each car at least once.

    Progress can be tracked by viewing the cars in your car milestones under  -> Driver Details. There's a "drive this car" milestone for every car, which should be completed if you've used that car. Also note that you only have to get in the car for it to count. There's no minimum distance required. I was able to unlock it without even turning the key in most of them.

    See "Most Wanted Rides" and "Networking" for more information on obtaining vehicles.

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  • Focus ST location anyone?
  • Ok so I need to drive one car just Wondering if this counts for online ones aswell Please help lol
  • follow the highway up into the hills its next to the airfield.
  • looking for places where you can off the road or on top off parking spot's
  • I am having the troubles finding the focus st as well. The one post 3 listed is the focus rs500
  • from what i hear, you need to win 5 online events in a ford car (GT is recommended) now i cant say whether its races or what, cos ive not played online yet
  • I beat the game but only unlocked 40 cars anybody know what the 41st is???
  • Found it - it was the Audi R8 GT Spyder it unlocked after event # 36 so I'm guessing u need to hit that event # + all most wanted cars then u can get all 41 cars
  • I don't know how I got it? I drove up the hills got in a car and 30 gamer score! Sorry I can't help. All I can say is complete the game and become no 1 that's all I did!
  • If you're missing one (like me for a long while) it might be the Aston Martin V12 Vantage. The game starts you off in it and maybe because of that it doesn't register in the overall cars driven "checklist". I was at 40 out of 41 even though it said I had driven every car, but it popped after I jumped back into the Vantage.
  • Here is a guide to find all the jackspot locations. Once you find all of those this achievement is easy.
  • I just can't find the Dodge Challenger SRT 8 !! Any idea ?

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