Gold Master Achievement

  • Gold Master



    Earn 100 Gold medals across both factions

    During your two career runs you will play a total of 7 different events:


    Hot Pursuit: A race against the clock to bust all racers in a set amount of time. They get progressively more difficult by adding in more racers, more defensive/offensive tech and increasingly difficult courses.
    Interceptor: Similar to Hot Pursuit but you only have 1 racer to bust. You just have much less time to do it in and the difficulty will progress along the same lines.
    Rapid Response: A point-to-point race against the clock with time penalties added for each collision, up to a maximum of 3 seconds per crash. As you work your way up to the [Hard] ones the courses will get more intricate and the times will be almost unbeatable.


    Race: A Point-to-point race, get’s harder as the racers upgrade their cars and tech.
    Time Trial: A point-to-point race against the clock. Unlike it’s Cop counterpart there are no time penalties.
    Hot Pursuit: The opposite of the cop version, a point-to-point race whilst being pursued by the police.
    Interceptor: Again the opposite of the cop version, you have to escape your pursuers.

    Each faction has a maximum of 68 gold medals they can obtain, for a total of 136, you only need 100 for the achievement. I recommend getting gold in all the [Easy] and [Medium] events because they aren’t all that hard, then pick whichever event’s you find easiest to complete on [Hard].

    For cops I found the easiest ones to complete were hot pursuits and interceptors. The rank 15 Lamborghini is one of the best cars for these; it’s got a high toughness rating and decent speed/acceleration. Also by the time you unlock this car you can get rank 4 of both the ESF and the Shock Ram. This is the best combo for wrecking racers in my opinion.

    For racers I found the interceptors, time trials and some of the hot pursuits to be the easiest. For the interceptors just concentrate on wrecking the cop, having shockwave and the ESF at rank 4 will be your best method for this. Use the same method for hot pursuits but concentrate on nailing as much of the competition as you can.

    Give each event a couple tries and if you think it’s going to be too hard move on, don’t forget you have a 36 medal leeway.

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  • So, any combination as long as its 100 or 100 in each faction?
  • Does anyone know if this is achieved by having to complete ever event or is the room to have some incomplete and still gain this cheevo?
  • you don't have to gold medal them all to get the achievement...I have 52 of 68 gold medals in racer mode, and there are 68 "distinctions" in cop mode which is 136....It sure as hell seems like it's all of them though...I say that yet having gotten the achievement though.

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