10 Heat Achievement in Need for Speed: Rivals

  • 10 Heat



    Reach Heat 10

  • How to unlock 10 Heat

    As a racer the more events played, head-to-head races won, cops wrecked, cops outran etc. the higher your heat will get. If you are caught or wrecked your heat level will drop. This can be obtained during regular play by doing just these things but there is a much easier way to obtain this during the racer tutorial.

    After you have completed the required objectives you are told to return to the hideout, don’t go back yet, instead keep running head-to-head races until you reach heat 10. The reason this is much easier to do here is because no cops will spawn during the tutorial, so there is no chance of being busted or wrecked, unless you crash every 2 seconds. This will combine with ‘Multiplier’ so once your heat/multiplier hits 10 the achievements will pop. Credit to IRELAND NO 1 for this tip.

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  • play as a racer get your heat to 10 cheevo earned...best to get this one with the x10 multiplier as well..i managed to get both at same time
  • When going for this if you stay near a repair shop and just keep raming police and driving through the repair shop when needed u will soon hit 10 heat and also u will get the x10 multipler achievement aswell
  • IMPORTANT!!! This is easiest if you do it during the driver tutorial. DO NOT GO INTO THE FIRST SAFEHOUSE! Just drive around until you get to level 10. Cops do not chase you here so just drive around getting close calls and if you break your speed record it levels up faster.

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