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    Bank 500,000 in one go

    This achievement needs to be done with the racer faction. Almost everything you do in the game will grant you SP, your goal here is to collect 500,000 SP in one go before returning to your hideout to ‘bank’ it. The easiest way to do this is to progress in your racer career until you can purchase the Ferrari F12 at rank 16. This car has the best base toughness/durability, upgraded to rank 5 you should have no trouble taking some solid hits. The cop car you are given for your rank 16 missions is pretty tough too but the pursuit tech options aren't that great, you are restricted to 2 and one of them is the spike strip which is not all that useful when you are getting bashed around by multiple cop cars at heat 10.

    Whichever car you choose, upgrade your two favorite offensive pursuit techs, I recommend the ESF and Shockwave. On your map find the interceptor 'Great Escape' it's right next to the hideout near Last Stallion Ranch, this is a good starting point because it is right next to the hideout and just down the road from a garage. Start it up and immediately just do a 180 and wreck the cop to end the event. Restart the event from the easydrive menu and do the same thing again, stopping at the garage as needed, as many times as you can. Now as your heat level goes up you are going to have more and more cops on you and you can't restart an event while being pursued, at this point don't bother losing them to try the event again just start to wreck all the cops that show up, stick around the garage so you can just run through if you take one too many hits. Save your shockwave as much as you can for when you get penned in so you can blast them away and avoid being busted. Keep this up until you hit 500k SP then quickly head over to the hideout to bank it and unlock your achievement. It shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes to hit your target.

    I recommend doing this in ‘Single Player’ so you will just be up against AI cops instead of other players gunning for you.

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  • This is hard
  • Simple way to get this. Start at the Interceptor 'Under Pressure' with whatever car you want. Use Shock-wave and ESF for maximum damage output. Start interceptor, Smash cop repeatedly with SHWAV and ESF until you wreck the cop. Drive south a little bit to the repair shop, repair your car, rinse and repeat until 500k+ (I went to 1M before banking.) After you collect SP to your liking, drive south past the repair shot to the hideout and stash your points. Don't hang around too long between interceptors or other cops will pick you up. If you get wanted while not doing an interceptor, abandon ship and stash what you have. Hope this helps.
  • If you are still struggling I made a video to try and help. Used Turbo & Jammer (a more evassive technique rather than damage orientated):
  • Can this be earned as a cop?
  • i had this 3 times now, 1million+ and then the game starts disconnecting or my xbox turns itself off. This game is messing with it ffs!
  • You can't not do this achievement in police car! I tried I had 400,000 thousand and Xbox froze I had 419,000 got wrecked! And finally just to make sure i had 500,000 I got an extra 100,000! So No you can't do this achievement in police cruiser!

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