5 Buster Achievement in Need for Speed: Rivals

  • 5 Buster



    Bust a Racer at Heat 5 or greater


    How to unlock 5 Buster

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    As you progress through your cop career the heat levels of the racers you bust during the Interceptor and Hot Pursuit events will increase. As will the heat levels of the random racers you see driving around. As soon as you bust a racer with heat 5 or higher the achievement will unlock.

    This will likely be the first achievement you unlock during your cop career.

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  • look above the cars roof you will see a number next to a flame...for whatever reason I got this cheevo taking a heat lvl 3 racer...not sure what to say on that...that was a pre update achievement
  • i cant find anyone on heat 5 or 8 what am i doing wrong??????
  • Dont get too agitated, this achievement will unlock automatically after completing your cop career for the first time, the same applies to the 8 buster achievement.

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