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    Bust 10 Racers in a Mustang

    The first Ford you can unlock is the Shelby GT 500 at level 5 of your cop career. Now you can either take it out right away and get to work on this or you can wait until after you have completed the career and you are ranking up to 60. Either way I suggest you combine this with the other two Ford related achievements, ‘Deep Down, You Know You Want To’ and ‘5,4,3,2, Mach 1!’. Which require you to drive for 50 cumulative minutes in a Ford and earn 50 seconds of cumulative airtime in a Ford respectively.

    Best way to get all three of these is to set a timer on your phone or start at a set hour to be sure you don’t undercut yourself and waste 45 minutes of your time, then head out in your Shelby and start busting any racer you see on the roads. Busting 10 racers should take up a good chunk of your time, once you’re all done with that head over to the the bridge on Kingfisher Road and check the video for a quick and easy way to rack up your 50 seconds. This location is good because you can just do a figure eight circuit and continuously hit two jumps, killing the last of the time, if you do have any extra time left on your timer you can just sit and wait it out. You don't actually have to be driving around for the full 50 minutes.

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  • Having a slight issue with this one, they were everywhere early in the game but I just figured I'd get it as I went along. Turns out they stop spawning after a while, how can you get them back on the street to bust? Do you need to be in a specific vehicle or what?
  • Just do a few easy hot pursuits since the shelby isn't terribly good at acceleration or speed and you should get it in no time. They don't need to be free roam racers.
  • I have done the easy ones :/ they're all too advanced of cars. I think the game matches cars to the one you drive. Perhaps it would be best to drive a car around the same as the mustang and maybe the mustangs will pop.
  • Doesn't matter the car -.- they will not spawn at all. I've tried so many cars and easy hot pursuits. They will not pop! >.<
  • At first glance I thought this meant the player using the mustang to bust racers
  • Omg... I am diving an idiot. You gotta be right. I thought it was the racer who was supposed to be in the mustang. Guess it's you who must be busting racers in the mustang.
  • Do you need to be a cop in a Mustang or bust 10 racers in a Mustang?
  • Add me if u wna boost sein has its hard to find them. UGK Starkie
  • Be a cop use the ford shelby gt500
  • When doing this just go after people in porches as they seem to get taken out really fast
  • Wow, the first few comments freaked me out since im near level 20 on cop haha!
  • This worked for me. Don't forget to drive back to a commandopost!

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