Buddy Bust Achievement in Need for Speed: Rivals

  • Buddy Bust



    Bust a Friend

    How to unlock Buddy Bust

    Join or host a game with a friend, play as the cop faction and have them play as a racer. Meet up with your friend and initiate a pursuit by either hitting  or giving them a nudge with your car. Bust them and the achievement will unlock. If you don’t have any friends who own the game you can check HERE for other people willing to play. If you find a player from the site don’t forget to add them to your friends list.

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  • Need the 2 friends achievements. Will be on most of the day today. Send me a message and add me.
  • Invetro Pow II those are capital 'i'
  • Preciso de um amigo para pegar esta conquista, se estiver afim, me add. GT: jcsouzamello27
  • Need the 2 friends achievements message and add me on xbox 360 gt Solomon solo17
  • I need the 2 friend achievements for Rivals. Add me GT: ForceTeam
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  • can someone help me? Gt: LPoZo
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  • I meant to post my last comment for X1 version. Sorry
  • need help for both the friend achievements on this game. gamertag: hudsond97
  • I need a hand with this achievement and the other buddy one. Message my Xbox if your able to help out, thanks. Xbox One/ GT: Euclids Anvil
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  • Need to trade both achievements GT:TwissM4n
  • Got it Thx
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  • Xbox1
  • Please help me with this achiv and the Friendly Race, i'll do the same :) GT: iron johny
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  • I’m looking for someone to bust and win a race against gt - ns Blackman
  • Still looking to complete this and the other multiplayer achievement. My GT: Blaisican

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