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    Reach Racer Rank 60

    Playing through the career mode will get you to rank 21, at this point you can go back and complete the other 40 speedlists that you skipped during your career, and this is how you will reach rank 60. Most of the goals are going to be very similar to what you have already done throughout your career. Here are some general tips:

    Drifting: See the video for a spot that will make even the longest drift easy. I recommend hitting this drift spot with a car that has high speed and moderate control, like the Hennessey Venom GT I am using in the video. With that car I have never had any trouble getting the drift to start, when I tried to do it in the rank 15 Lamborghini I couldn't get it to drift at all.

    Jumps: See the video for a spot that will fulfill even the longest distance task.

    Hard Gold Medals: The easiest event’s to gold medal for general medal tasks are the interceptors and hot pursuits for both factions. Use your upgraded offensive tech and focus on taking out the competition/cops. For the racers head-to-head events again just focus on blasting the competition then you can finish the race at your pace. There are some that are just going to be flat out hard, all I can suggest for those is try a couple out and find one that feels a little more doable than the rest. Don't forget that if you really need to you can redo an event you already know you can get the gold on to make it a little easier.

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