Deep Down, You Know You Want To Achievement in Need for Speed: Rivals

  • Deep Down, You Know You Want To



    Drive 50 cumulative minutes in any Ford then enter garage

    How to unlock Deep Down, You Know You Want To

    See "Lcnce n Rgstrtn pls" for more information.

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  • Xbox One Achievements. Brought to you by Ford
  • ^ Lol.
  • can I just confirm for everyone so they don't repeat what I did... - the police "Ford" doesn't count, so its only as a Racer that you can do this achievement in. hope nobody wastes there time like I did.
  • "Deep down, you know you want to".. Hahah makes me think of Rob Ford wanting to smoke crack! LMFAO should be on his t-shirt
  • confirmed... drive the mustang for 1 hour can be sitting still or driving around just return to garage in a hour...also works if your driving and get into a pursuit with cops I was busted at 1:02:45...I had a stop watch for the timer lol... after I was busted screen said returning to garage and I got the cheevo on the loading screen
  • 55 minutes and nothing with the racing mustang gt. Game sucks.
  • Confirmed I just got this achievement with the police shelby gt500. Didn't even try to get it I was getting the 50 seconds of airtime achievement and picked this one up when I went back to the command post
  • You can get this one as police...i did it about 50/50 racer to police, and the achievement just unlocked as i was driving the police gt 500
  • can you play races and stuff? i tried with the police car last night, and did a lot of 'restart event' under the gps menu.. drived around for a hour,and it didnt popped
  • First, you CAN do this as a cop. Also, it is 50 CUMULATIVE minutes, not consecutive. Do whatever you want: races as a racer, hot pursuits, rapid response, whatever. It all counts as long as you are in a Ford. I spent some time in the Ford GT as a racer, switched to cop and did one interceptor, entered a command post and it popped.
  • I did it all in one go! In a ford mustang and got both bust 10 racers and then later that same time picked up this achievment! It was a win win for me since I never hardly drove a ROB FORD CAR! LOL
  • This worked for me as a cop. Don't forget to drive back to a commandpost!

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