NFS Live World Champion Achievement

  • NFS Live World Champion



    Win the NFS Live World Championship

    This is story related, and will unlock with natural progression.

    You will need to progress through, you have to have a minimum of 280 stars to unlock this event. There are a series of race event that you have to complete in order, please see below. Once you complete the NFS World Tour Championship event, this achievement will unlock.

    NFS Live US Series: You need to place on the podium either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
    • Willow Springs GP
    • Laguna Seca
    • Dakota GP
    • Road America
    NFS Live - World Series: You need to place on the podium either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
    • Autopolis GP
    • Donington GP
    • Silverston GP
    • Spa GP
    • Nordschleife
    NFS World Tour Championship - Win this race to complete the championship.
    • Brands Hatch GP
    The cars that I recommended for these races are the Zonda R, and the 2007 Lexus LF-A Concept car, both are fast and have very good handling.
  • Bugatti veyron is the best choice here fastest car and good handling for the pro racers out their lmao like me!!! i use to have this on ps3 and got all the achievements but the last one with the platinum badges i had just one more to get and that was to get all the perfect corners and i couldnt get the last two on the longest track

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