Driving Rookie Achievement

  • Driving Rookie



    Reach Driver Level 2

    You will need to attain 2,000 points to reach this Level.

    This is fairly straight forward achievement, you will earn points while racing for stars. You will also earn extra points for your driving skills, and actions that you do during the race.

    Your actions in the race will reflect on an additional set of points which go towards your XP. You will rank up fairly quickly to start with, and slow down as your progress. At the end of each race you will see the Precision Points and the Aggression Points totals, these are the what will earn you extra points in the race. Please see the list of Actions below that you have to attain per race in order to progress.

    Precision Points
    • Perfect Launch
    • Speed Threshold
    • Racing Line
    • Clean Sector
    • Clean Overtake
    • Corners Mastered
    Aggression Points
    • Drafting
    • Spin Opponent
    • Tap Out Opponent
    • Block Opponent
    • Dirty Overtake
    • Corner Slide
    • Trade Paint
    Here is an easy leveling up strategy:
    1. Quick Race
    2. Drift race at Miyatomi
    3. Set laps at 20
    4. Start the drifting and keep the 2x multiplier the whole 20 laps
    5. There are three rounds
    6. You should easily get 15K per round
    7. 45K per race
    8. Level 50 in around 2 hours.

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