Driving Legend Achievement

  • Driving Legend



    Reach Driver Level 50

    You will need 500,000 points to reach this level.

    See "Driving Rookie"
  • this achievement takes forever
  • Absolutely not! How to do it: Quick Race-->Drift race - 20 laps (3 rounds, so you'll be doing 60 laps in all) I used the Nissan Skyline car but it can be done with several others - experiment. As soon as the race starts, make a U-turn and start driving in reverse. Hit the outer wall and hold Left Stick all the way left and experiment with the LT for speed. You can just press LT all the way in for maximum speed backwards, but I found a "sweet spot" at a lower speed where the points rolled in faster. I did a 10-lap drift race (3 rounds makes it 30 laps) and made almost 250.000! That's HALF of what you need for level 50! In about ½ hour! So this can be done in about 1 hour or so (if you find the sweet spot for points I reckon you'll be able to score all points needed in just one
  • does that work?
  • I can confirm for anyone who is curious that KenslerDK's tactic for nailing this works very well :)
  • definitley works!!!! thank you! it also works with the mazda rx-8 with all tier 2 upgrades
  • thanks for the tip doing this right now, as i type ... and i know this is out of place but could someone tell me my my profile is not updating, like my 360a gamercard. a am @ 10k + GS but it is stuck at 8800.
  • never mind it finally updated on here ... but once again thanks for the help !!!!!
  • i just got this in about 20 mins done the above with the mazda rx8 and done a total of 30 laps across 3 rounds and ended up with 640,000 lol so easy :D
  • #8 ^^^^ Is right, the best car to use in my opinion would also be the RX8, it took me 60laps on the circle Miyatomi track. Only too about 20 minutes :)
  • Got over 600k in one lap following #8!
  • I was at level 45 after doing all of the races in the campaign, then made it to 50 after polishing off some of the badges. The above technique is great though, tried it out for fun :)
  • Method definetly works, thanks for this, tons of easy gamerscore for an annoying lengthy achievments.
  • is there a way for people who suck ass at drifting
  • #2 post is the best way to do it. I was skeptical when I read it. I used the Mazda RX8 like suggested from others, took me 20 minutes to get to level 50. Got over 350,000 experience in less then 40 laps. Here are more suggestions and reminders. Mazda RX8 is the best to use, you can hold LT all the way down for maximum xp,use the small circle map (don't remember the name)and remember to hold the left joy stick to the left. It will hold your car out from the wall.
  • poor quality image but great to how do it tks im not the owner of the video tks for help got 640860 pts for 1 round :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQlZGsQVRdM

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