Epic Master Achievement

  • Epic Master



    Earn 20 Epic Badges

    See "Epic Earner"
  • 1 more needed, but nordschleife doesnt seem to want me to have it!
  • Some of the badges can be obtained very easily by going to quick race, setting the game type to Race, then putting on no AI and 1 lap. You can very easily pick up the clean race badges this way (as well as perfecting corners). Also, if you're having trouble against the Hard AI, set the AI to hard in options, then in quick race put AI to 0. As long as you complete the race, it'll count as a victory against hard opponents.
  • nordschleife is impossible
  • anyone wanna boost the online ones? my gt is Isbjorn
  • pain in the ass achief
  • #3 erm no it isn't
  • Im still looking for this achievement GT Admiralandy1983
  • nordschleife is the hardest but i got it on ps3 about 3 years ago and it took me about 13 hours total

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