Online Ferrari Master Achievement

  • Online Ferrari Master



    Achieve a Podium Finish in over 200 Online games using any Ferrari vehicle

  • it hard to find somebody playing with the ferrari pack, sometimes i spend almost 10 min waiting on lobby for players. if somebody wanna do this togheter, msg me on Xbox...
  • This should worth 300G ¬¬
  • I too am working through ferrari pack. Got only the last epic badge (perfect launch) but can get that easy so need help online with 200 races. Madness.
  • rediculous for only 20g!
  • Stretchy totally agree. Were you on other day doing this. Problem is the time you have to wait in lobby. Even with two players must wait 30 seconds before you can sat ready. then another 20 . So takes like 4 mins a race. If you race at hazyview oval. That's a stupid amount of time.
  • impossible
  • I'm thinking of just keeping it at 1000g and pretending that the ferrari achievments don't exist... because I agree with you all it seems like a stupid amount of work to unlock just a couple of points. wow.
  • I changed my mind and ended up getting this achievement easily in one night... while I was sleeping. lol. I'm lucky because my roomate also has an xbox, a copy of Shift and the ferrari pack. So I put us both in a lobby, set it to private, unranked (playing unranked is key because you can actually set it to 1 lap unlike ranked where you have to run it for multiple laps at the minimum), and set it to the short oval miyatomi. Now really nothing needs to be done as the game keeps cycling through the race and back to the lobby on it's own without any additional prompting from you, so there's no readying up necessary or any other nuances as it eventually will go right back to the race by itself. So I put the car in automatic transmission, tied a rubberband around the controller to keep the th
  • (continued) So I put the car in automatic transmission, tied a rubberband around the controller to keep the throttle down... and went to sleep. When I woke up I had a bit over 200 podiums. The car just wall bounces it's way around the oval and completes the race every time without fail. ;-) So this of course can be done if you simply know someone else who wants the achievement. Do the same thing, one of you use a rubberband around the throttle and just let it sit. When you wake up you'll both have the achievement because even the guy who gets last place (second) and never crosses the finish line still gets a podium (which really illustrates how stupid the Shift podium system is in the first place). I know this might sound a bit extreme but as you guys already know it is ridiculously
  • (continued) I know this might sound a bit extreme but as you guys already know it is ridiculously boring running this over and over again as it takes many hours, and nowadays there is virtually no one else running the ferrari packs so you really have to maximize your opportunities. Of course you'll have to hope that neither one of you loses your connection... and make sure you both don't use the rubber-band trick because there's a small chance your cars might get snarled up and not finish somehow thereby halting the whole process. OH AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, you'll need to use a plug and charge cable if you have a wireless controller so it doesn't shut off on you after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Ok, that is all, I hope this helps someone. :-) And sorry about the multiple posts, when I typed this up in wordpad I didn't realize there was a word-limit per post on this site.
  • If anyone is still working on this achievement please send me a message on XBOX live.
  • I'm looking to boost the online portions of this game. If your up to it, hit me up and add/msg me on LIVE. Cheers...
  • doin this ach. right now if anybody else wants to help send me a request ryan515andrews
  • I haven't been online with shift for ages. Is anyone still doing this. I am at only 27 wins and got bored doing loop after loop.
  • If anyone is going to do Online DLC achievements LMK. Id like to do them too. GT: R0B1N PL (0 and 1 - numbers)
  • Help with this chevvos GT: Seblefeu
  • Hello, does anyone could help me with this cheevo please? GT: Misaki Sinthee
  • If anyone wants help with this one msg me. GT: Sampa1
  • If anyone wants to help my gt is PatrikChiefer29
  • If someone is interested in boosting this message me. GT: Alex Blitzkrieg
  • Anyone want to boost this? gt: EmbryStarCOG
  • GT: Stonetree19 Need podiums, will race miyatomi into the ground for this. Add me for boosting.
  • Anybody wanna boost this hit me up gt is THA RIDDLER 301
  • I would be willing to pick up the pack if someone wants to boost overnight how Fall Be Kind mentioned . would also want to get the other online one
  • Anybody want to boost this anytime message me Gamertag K4YN1N3
  • Just got this dlc yesterday so my GT is Admiralandy1983 if anyone's needing a boost
  • anybody wanna boost hit me up my gt is xxxBLK VIPERxxx
  • I could use some help getting this achievement. GT: EmbryStarCOG
  • Need help for this, add or message me : xBicmacx
  • Add me...will me working on this one...think I got 80 down. GT: Stonetree19
  • Bit of a long shot considering how old this game is. Need help getting this one. Message me or add me.
  • Please someone help me with this one, lets make a boost - add me Ajude me! Wes Halliwell
  • Looking to boost this overnight with rubber and trick
  • Looking to get this done! Will try and find a small elastic band for the controller but willing to leave my xbox on overnight to get done. GT: DanteDevilDan
  • I need this one please add me GT: Tekku Assassin
  • Anyone want to add me to finish this. Needed this chevo for ages
  • Anyone still playing this? I am trying to do the online ferrari master and need a buddy! Add me and be a hero!
  • Looking to do all online GT: ClassierPompano

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