Hot Lap Champion Achievement

  • Hot Lap Champion



    Complete every event in the Hot Lap Competition in 1st position

  • So I need to do this with the Exotics cars? I've finished all the hot laps in the normal career and nothing happened.
  • Off course you need to do this with the exotic cars at the exotic hot laps from the the exotic dlc. It's a dlc achievement for a reason you know...
  • Unfortunately this achievement glitched for me, I met all of the criteria but never got it. Anyone else have this problem?
  • I'm having the same problem, got all stars from the 4 hot lap exotic races. No achievement awarded. What's going on??
  • Had to delete career, start a new one, get 240 stars to unlock Hot Lap and now it's done. Bit of a pain tho
  • Looking to do all online GT: ClassierPompano

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