Exotica Achievement

  • Exotica



    Complete an Online Race or Time Attack in all the Exotic vehicles

  • This requires you to do a race Online or a time attack Online. Doing these races offline in a Quick Race will not count towards the achievement.
  • cant find nobody to play the dlc`s.
  • i have the same problem. That's what sucks about dlc. They come out with this stuff where you have to spend 800 or more ms points and some of the achievement are for online play only. And by the time i get the dlc noone plays it. So theres no way i can get them.
  • GT: Stonetree19 Will help for this one, I need it also. Add me up!
  • Anyone still playing this. Need this and the ferrari one Gamertag K4YN1N3
  • Looking for this one and the ferarri stuff as well.... GT: Bradtastic 2
  • just bought this dlc today, was wondering if someone wants to help me do the online one. if i cant get it its no big deal, just thought i'd try my luck here.
  • Bit of a long shot considering how old this game is. If you're also looking to get this achievement send me a message or friend request.
  • anyone play this game with the add ons
  • I have this with all DLC content and is currently looking for someone to assist with earning online DLC achievements. If you're interested please let me know via Xbox live message as I check those on a regular basis.
  • Looking to do all online GT: ClassierPompano

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