- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 [highly skill and somewhat luck dependent] [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 36 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 30-50 hours [highly skill and somewhat luck dependent] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Technically around 10-15 full playthroughs plus grinding out cumulative achievements, but expect somewhere around 15-20 full playthroughs plus grinding
- Missable achievements: None [roguelite gameplay]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes - must play on Hard for The Real Game (50G) and on Abyssal for Ultimate Challenge (60G). Every other achievement can be unlocked on Easy
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Welcome to Neon Abyss, a fast-paced 2D run-and-gun roguelite where you descend into a randomly generated abyss, descending floor by floor through randomized rooms, fighting enemies and beating bosses, all to eventually take revenge on the gods at the end of each run. There is quite a bit of depth and variety to this game, as you'll continually find new unlocks, rules, weapons, items, etc., even after many hours of playing. The completion can be quite challenging due to the bullet hell nature of some levels/enemies/bosses, but thanks to some good strategies and especially a handy save exploit, it's much more manageable than it otherwise would be. Just be aware that even with a save exploit and some RNG you're at the mercy of, you will still need to "get good" at the game to an extent, to have any chance of finishing up this completion. Let's get started!

Save Reload Exploit:
First off, it's important to be aware of a save exploit that exists with this game. While playing a run, the game makes a save at the start of every floor, and only at the start of every floor. This can be exploited in the following manner: if, at any point while progressing through rooms on a floor, you do poorly, take too much damage, make a bad choice, miss out on something, or are at risk of dying and therefore needing to start over, pause the game. Tab left once, and choose "Main Menu." From the main menu, choose "Continue" to be put back at the start of the floor you were just on, allowing you to try to again. Note that the layout of the floor is exactly the same every time you do this, in terms of enemy placement. This is great for learning what enemies are going to be where and improving your fights against them. The good/bad part about this is that items and weapons are typically the same too. So, if you get good items/weapons on a floor and retry it in this manner, they'll likely be there again. However, if you get bad weapons and useless items, you're stuck with them. The only real variability comes from chest contents and hidden rooms when using this reload exploit. It's still a very simple and handy exploit to use, and I'll be referring to it as the 'Save Reload Exploit' throughout the guide continually.

Step 0: Preparation
Right off the bat, when you start the game I highly recommend remapping the controls immediately, before you even start the tutorial. You need to be able to move, jump, and shoot all at the same time, and the default controls don't allow you to do this. You'll be using both thumbsticks like a twinstick shooter, meaning both thumbs will be busy at all times. You therefore want one of the triggers or bumpers to jump, not a face button. Set it to your personal preference. Likewise, all of the buttons you may use in combat should be up on top of the controller: gun ability, grenade, and active ability. Map those three and the jump button to the two bumpers and two triggers however you prefer. This allows you maximum flexibility while fighting. 

Step 1: Progress The "Story" and Beat All Final Bosses
Being that this is a roguelite and nothing is missable, jump right in. Do the tutorial and play through on Easy to get the feel for how the game plays and how the controls work. The goal of this step is to beat your first run, which ends with Argus on the fifth floor, then beat a second run, which ends with Hal on the sixth floor, and then a third run with Zeus on the seventh floor. On Easy, this shouldn't prove too difficult at all. Learn enemy attack patterns and boss patterns, experiment with different weapons, and Google items you find if you want to see what they do. You'll likely get through those three bosses without any real issues on Easy, aside from maybe some bad RNG where you don't get a good weapon or whatever. 

As you're beating bosses and completing those first three runs, you'll be earning a good amount of gems to spend on upgrades. Prioritize things that give you more consumables, such as secret rooms being marked, blocks marked with orange paint, switches to take you to secret rooms, more items in the shop, etc. These all help future runs significantly. Don't waste gems on stuff you won't used or don't have any achievements tied to them, such as many of the game rooms. Spend just enough gems to unlock the next tree, then move on to it to unlock the character there and any good skills. 

After beating Zeus, the next order of business is to beat the other two bosses: Athena and Ares. These require a little more work to even reach them. Refer to Seek the Truth (50G) for reaching each of these two bosses. With them beaten, you've beaten all the main bosses in the game. 

Step 2: Unlock and Complete Abyssal Difficulty
Now it's time to kick it up a couple notches. The next task is to bump it up to Hard difficulty to unlock the hardest difficulty, Abyssal, and then beat Athena on that difficulty. This is by far the hardest part of this completion. If you don't feel like you're ready for this yet, feel free to do Steps 3 and/or 4 below first, to get more practice and experience with enemies, bosses, etc. 

Once you're ready to work on these two very difficult achievements, I highly recommend reading through The Real Game (50G). There are a few really key tips there that will make this far more manageable. I also highly recommend reading through Ultimate Challenge (60G) too before you get started, as there are a few really important things to be aware of that can make your Hard and Abyssal playthroughs much harder than they need to be if you're not aware of them. 

Despite this being a straightforward section of the roadmap, this will not be easy. You will likely get frustrated, potentially have some heartbreak, and possibly even want to quit. Persevere though, because eventually RNG will be on your side and you'll get good weapons and items to make these runs possible. Make heavy use of the Save Reload Exploit to really optimize each floor, maximizing your chances of success on the next floor. Practice, practice, practice. You'll need to actually get good at reading boss attacks and dodging them to survive these difficulties, but it's so satisfying once you succeed. Especially knowing the rest is much easier. 

Step 3: New Save File Runs
There are a few achievements that are much easier to unlock on a new save file. On the heels of your (hopefully) successful Abyssal run, now is a good time to do the No Hit run for Safety First (80G). Considering you'll be playing on the easiest difficulty after playing on the hardest, it will likely feel like an absolute joke. There's still some effort required, but it'll be so much easier to manage now. Refer to that achievement solution to knock out two of the rarest achievements for this game. 

With that done, the achievement Shopping Maniac (30G) is actually much easier to do on a new save file too, or at least if you want to guarantee it and not have to worry about RNG. Refer to that achievement solution for the (only mildly tedious) setup to get that achievement on a new save file. 

Step 4: Miscellaneous Runs for Mop Up
You likely still have a few achievements left that require full runs, such as Action Supremacist (80G) and Sovereign of Eggs (30G). First and foremost, you'll want to use these runs to also take care of any of the cumulative achievements that take place within runs, if you haven't unlocked them yet. Specifically:
  • Find 99 secret rooms
  • Finish the Piano game 10 times
  • Fish 10 times
  • Trade with Smirk Co. 99 times
  • Open 999 locked chests
  • Played Roulette 99 times
When doing these miscellaneous runs, before you start them, go into the skill trees at the bar and turn off all rules, game rooms, etc, that you may have unlocked that aren't linked to one of the above achievements. This will increase the likelihood of finding what you need. If you come to a floor with a fishing room, or piano room, or whatever else you need, use the Save Reload Exploit to grind out the related achievements so you don't have to worry about them. 

Mop up any remaining run-related achievements now, and you should be able to knock out all of the above cumulative stuff in these runs too. 

Step 5: Cumulative Grinding
Now, all that should be left are deaths (environment and 99 total), entering the abyss 999 times, and maybe one or two others. Take care of everything left in this step, referring to the guide for some ways to make each achievement easier and/or quicker. That last bit of grinding will finally wrap up this completion! 

Neon Abyss is, in my opinion, a very underrated game. It's a ton of fun to play, very addictive, tons of stuff to make each run unique and add to the variability and replayability, and lots of stuff to work towards and unlock, even beyond the achievements. Most of the achievements are relatively easy to do, but a few will take some real effort. If you managed the completion, congrats on a seriously well earned one!
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Neon Abyss Achievement Guide

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There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Death is another beginning.

    Simply die for the first time to unlock this achievement.
  • Get killed by your own bombs.

    Refer to Acrobatic (10G) for more information.
  • Get 50 eggs in a single run.

    While the achievement description is accurate, just to clarify: you do NOT need to have 50 eggs/pets on you at once, and you do NOT need to hatch 50 eggs, whether successful or not. You just need to collect a total of 50 over the course of an entire run.

    As you might expect, this achievement is reliant on quite a bit of luck. However, there are many things you can do to increase the odds of success:
    • Play as Ming, who is unlocked in the fifth skill tree. He starts with two eggs, giving you a leg up right from the start
    • Play on Easy so you don't have to worry about dying on a good run, and don't hesitate to use the Save Reload Exploit to save a good run
    • Plan to take the run at least to Athena/Ares to give yourself the maximum number of floors to find eggs
    • If you have lots of unused/extra gems you haven't spend in the upgrade tree, consider spending them on the Knife and Fork item from the statue just before the abyss. This item is extremely useful, because every time you kill an enemy with melee damage, you have a chance to get an egg. If you don't buy it for use before starting, keeping an eye out for it throughout your run
    • From the skill trees, you absolutely want to have unlocked the orange paint on blocks. These adds lots of extra drops to each floor, whether it be eggs directly or more resources to find eggs. You also should have all of the different types of barrels, and at least the two types of switches (the one you can use if you take no damage, and the other you can use if you have full health). These bonus rooms have a chance for eggs or more resources. Lastly, absolutely have the Gashapon unlocked, which is the egg vending machine
    • Turn off all game rooms. The gamble of money isn't worth it. Better to spend money on stuff at the store to get you more eggs, or to buy resources to open more chests and walls
    • Fully explore every floor, and do so before using any consumables (money, grenades, keys). After you've killed all enemies and opened up all rooms, make efficient use of your consumables to open as many chests, walls, etc, as you can. For example, use grenades first one grenade barrels, since you're guaranteed to get a grenade back plus more, and so on
    • Aim to raise your Wisdom on each floor. The Athena rooms are good because you can get another item, which could be a game changer, but also because you want the Athena Token so you get another floor to look for eggs
    • Prioritize spending money on eggs at Gashapon pods and shops. Those are guaranteed eggs that you should never pass up
    • During each run, prioritize getting a weapon that deals melee damage. This is important so that if you buy or find Knife and Fork, you've got the pair you need to make this achievement far more likely
    • The absolute best item to find on a run for this achievement is Double Yolks. It doubles how many eggs you have. Obviously this item is useless if you have no eggs, but if you can find it late in a run, it's basically a guarantee for this achievement
    • Other extremely useful items are the Rocket Mod, Popcorn, or Mine. Basically, anything that gives you unlimited explosions so you aren't entirely reliant on grenades. Having an unlimited amount means you can break every wall, open every stone chest, and blast apart all stone blocks, drastically increasing the likelihood of finding eggs. Also keep an eye out for the Hacking Tool if you're consistently low on keys, as it gives you 99 keys. 
    Even with all that in mind, you're still at the mercy of RNG to a pretty large extent. On my successful run, which was one of my final runs after unlocking everything else, I played as Ming, got the Rocket Mod really early, got the Hacking Tool, found Knife and Fork on the third floor and bought the Lightdancer on the same floor, and then on the sixth floor I found Double Yolks in the item room. I had 6 pets and 16 eggs following me on the sixth floor, and picking up Double Yolks unlocked the achievement for me. Obviously I had a great run with nearly perfect luck, but not every single one of those things needs to happen together to make this achievement happen. Keep at it, and use the gems you earn from unsuccessful runs to buy the Knife and Fork before the next run. If you start with Knife and Fork, consider playing as Anna on Easy and using her melee attack with rb.png to kill all enemies to increase the amount of eggs you get. 
  • Successfully hatch eggs 5 times in a row.

    Refer to Sad Eggs (30G) for more information.
  • Failed to hatch eggs 5 times in a row.

    After obtaining an egg and then clearing a set number of combat rooms with it, it'll eventually hatch. Based completely off RNG, the egg will either produce a little pet that'll assist you in a some way during each room, or it'll fail and you'll get nothing. As you may surmise from these two achievements, they can rely entirely on RNG, hoping that you get five of each possibility in a row. This is completely plausible to happen throughout your time with this game and working on all other achievements. In fact, it is how I got both achievements. However, there are ways to improve odds or guarantee both achievements.

    For hatching 5 in a row successfully, you can play as Ming, the final character you'll be able to unlock. Ming has a passive ability that all eggs have an increased chance to hatch successfully, which increases the likelihood of unlocking this achievement.  To guarantee this achievement, be lucky enough to find the Marshmallow item. This makes all eggs hatch successfully as long as your hearts are full. If playing on Easy, this is pretty easy to maintain to ensure all your eggs hatch successfully. If you mess up, you can always use the Save Reload Exploit to try again.

    To guarantee the 5 failed hatches in a row, again use Ming. He has the ability to press button-b.png when an egg is hatching to cancel its hatch. Use this to ensure you fail five in a row. 
  • Get killed by environmental damage 9 times.

    This is cumulative across all runs and all save files.

    The following four things count as environmental damage:
    • Spikes
    • Spike traps (floors where spikes pop up when you walk on them)
    • Swinging spike balls
    • Laser "doors" you need to walk through to enter and exit a room
    The following things do NOT count as environmental damage, unfortunately:
    • Exploding barrels
    • "Violence" items, such as spiked chests, spiked doors to shops, and spiked containers
    • Wall masks that shoot at you, both in challenge rooms and in some regular rooms
    All four things that do count are relatively rare, and they're all more common in later levels (although it is possible to find them in the first floor, just very rare). You're unfortunately very unlikely to die from environmental damage at all during the course of natural progression, let alone nine times. This therefore becomes a somewhat tedious grind just for nine deaths. You don't really have any option other than playing runs and hoping for spikes or a laser door as you progress, then letting yourself die from it, then starting all over again.

    It's definitely best to pair this with grinding for Hi Death! (20G), since you might as well get this out of the way first while you work on that.
  • Unlock 6 Characters.

    There are only six characters to unlock in the game, and you'll need to unlock them all for this achievement. DLC characters have no impact on this achievement.

    There are six skill trees, with each one opening up after you've spend enough gems total in previous trees. Each of the six trees has a single character to unlock, with each costing 10 gems. You'll therefore need to gain enough gems to open up all six trees and purchase the character in each. As the game tells you, you only get gems from killing bosses.

    I believe gem drops from bosses have been significantly increased since this game originally launched. I've seen many people mention the gem grind to unlock this achievement, whereas for me, I collected enough gems to unlock all characters before finishing everything else that requires full runs, let alone any grinding of gems. Once you beat the first two bosses (Argus and Hal), on your first two successful runs, each run will be at least seven floors, with at least seven bosses. I was getting 25ish gems from a single successful run. I don't believe difficulty really impacts the gem rate. I was therefore able to get enough gems for all six characters just from beating all of the bosses needed for achievements (the last achievements on this list), then beating runs on Hard to unlock Abyssal, and then beating a run on Abyssal. I actually got enough gems before even unlocking Abyssal difficulty, and that was with only a couple "unneeded" runs.

    Based on my experience with the most recent version of the game, this achievement should come naturally while working on everything else. The fastest way to earn gems, if you need more for whatever reason, is just to run through all the levels on Easy. Grab whatever weapon and items you find, but don't waste time exploring everything. Just beeline from boss to boss to get more gems.
  • Died in the Abyss 99 times.

    This is cumulative across all runs and save files.

    It is extremely unlikely you'll die anywhere near 99 times during your time with this completion, especially if you use the Save Reload Exploit in the roadmap. You'll therefore likely be left with a decent grind after you've done most everything else. The fastest way to grind deaths is to start a run on Hard (or Abyssal, if you have it unlocked), enter the first combat room you find, and let enemies kill you. They're pretty aggessive on higher difficulties, so you'll die in a few seconds. Also, play as Zach or James when grinding this, since they only start with two hearts instead of three or more, and will therefore die quicker.
  • Found 99 secret rooms.

    Refer to Born Gambler (10G) for more information.
  • Completed the Piano challenge 10 times.

    Refer to Born Gambler (10G) for more information.
  • Fished 10 times in the fishing room.

    Refer to Born Gambler (10G) for more information.
  • Made deals with Smirk Co. 99 times.

    Refer to Born Gambler (10G) for more information.
  • Opened 999 locked chests.

    Refer to Born Gambler (10G) for more information.
  • Jumped 9999 times.

    This is cumulative across all runs (successful or not) and all save files. Note that this achievement does NOT track, despite most others doing so.

    As the description says, you need to jump a lot cumulatively. However, my experience was that I unlocked this achievement well before finishing everything else. If you do need to grind this out for whatever reason, return to the bar and head right to the little doorway leading to the statues. Stand in the shorter doorway, map jump to a face button on the controller, and jump into the ceiling over and over unlock this achievement unlocks. That is very unlikely to be necessary though.
  • Entered the Abyss for the 999th time.

    This is cumulative across all runs (successful or not) and all save files.

    I mentioned up above that you wouldn't die anywhere near 99 times for Hi Death! (20G). so entering the Abyss 999 times isn't even in the realm of possibilities for this completion without a ton of grinding. Obviously take care of literally everything else first, since all other achievements require you to enter the Abyss. Once you're done with everything else and are ready to grind this out, jump into the Abyss (difficulty and character don't matter), pause the game, tab left to System, then choose Quick Restart. This counts as entering the abyss, and only takes a few seconds. However, there is a way to speed this up even more.

    When you press button-a.png on Quick Start, you'll notice there is maybe half a second of the menu fading away as the screen turns black. Well it turns out that every time you press button-a.png while the menu words are still visible, it counts towards this achievement. What you therefore want to do is pause, tab left to System menu, down to Quick Restart, and then mash button-a.png when you select it. I found that the faster you pause and tab left after restarting, the more lag there was, giving me at least one or 1.5 seconds to mash button-a.png instead of half a second. It sounds miniscule, but it can be the difference between ten presses and two presses, which cuts down on the grind significantly. 
  • Stepped on worms 999 times.

    This is cumulative across all runs (successful or not) and all save files. Note that this achievement does NOT track, despite most others doing so.

    Worms drop out of the eye robot enemies that either charge around on the ground or flying around the air. If a worm pops out of one of these enemies when you kill them, you then need to walk over the worm to squish it, which makes a coin pop out.

    You'll definitely make some progress towards this achievement without trying, as you'll end up stepping on worms inadvertently while fighting other enemies. However, once you realize that worms give you money when you step on them, you should actually make it a point to do so each time you can, since money is virtually always in short supply. Unfortunately, since this achievement doesn't track, there's no way to know how much progress you've made throughout your time. Regardless, you'll almost assuredly be left with grinding out quite a lot of worms to finish off this achievement. Thankfully, this achievement pairs nicely with Shopping Maniac (30G). Refer to that achievement for a strategy that will make a lot of progress towards this achievement while working on that one, but that can also be used to just grind out this achievement much more efficiently.
  • Played the Roulette machine 99 times.

    I have grouped all of these cumulative achievements together, because while you'll make progress towards most or all of them while working on everything else, you're unlikely to unlock some or any along the way. There is, thankfully, a pretty easy way to grind out these achievements that doesn't rely on continual RNG for run after run. Basically, play a run, and whenever you come to a floor that has whatever one you need to grind (such as if you find a fishing room, a piano room, a roulette wheel in a shop, etc. Utilize it as much as you can, exhausting all of your money, keys, trades, etc., until you're out. Then, do the Save Reload Exploit mentioned in the roadmap. This will start you back at the beginning of the floor with all your resources back, and the grind spots will be in the same locations. Head back to the rooms/wheels/chests/etc., and repeat. The achievement tracker will keep increasing each time, making it pretty quick to grind these out.

    A couple other points to make:
    • If you're after a specific game room or two, such as just the fishing or piano rooms, you can go to your skill tree in the bar and turn off any other game rooms you may have unlocked, so that only the ones you want will spawn
    • The roulette machines mentioned in this achievement specifically are NOT the machines that block your entrance to game rooms on each floor. If you've gambled at all, you'd realize those are slot machines, not roulette wheels. The Roulette wheel is unlocked in the fourth skill tree, and is a bigger wheel with red and yellow sections on it. I highly recommend buying the skill right after it that makes the first play on the wheel free, allowing you to progress this achievement every time you find one without having to risk losing money
  • Finish watching the credits.

    From the main menu, go to Options and then choose Credits. Simply wait until the end and this achievement will unlock. It only takes a few minutes for the credits to run through.
  • Jumped 10 times in the air before landing.

    As far as I know, the only way to unlock this achievement is to acquire the Worst Blowing Gum item. This item gives you an extra jump for every pet you have. You'll therefore need this item and 10 pets (despite seeming like you should only need 9 pets, I needed 10 before I was able to jump 10 times, for whatever reason), and then you'll be able to jump 10 times in a row in the air.

    As you might expect, this is hugely RNG dependent. In all of my runs, I only got this item once, and thankfully it was also on a run where I already had 9 pets and just needed one more. This item also pairs great with Marshmallow, which guarantees your eggs will hatch successfully if your hearts are full. Unfortunately, there's no way to ensure you get this achievement. You can't even ban all other items, since banning more than five items disables achievements (and there are over 100 items).
  • Acquire the maximum heart containers in a run.

    The maximum heart containers is currently 8 as of 2023, making this achievement pretty easy. Play as Anna, since she starts with four heart containers, and play on Easy so you don't have to worry about dying. Attempt this after you've unlocked all seven floors so you have the highest odds of success. Basically all you need to do is, after beating each boss and getting to choose your upgrade, choose the heart container. Just watch the pattern and you shouldn't have much trouble picking the item at the right time when it's a heart. You only need to do it four times out of the seven (or eight, if you get an Athena or Ares token) floors available, so there's room for error or if you don't have a heart container as an option after one of the bosses. 
  • Acquire the maximum shields in a run.

    The maximum shields is also currently 8, like hearts, but unlike them, you need to pick up and maintain shields to reach the maximum. Obviously play on Easy to minimize the likelihood of being hit and losing a shield once you have some. You can also play as R-6, a robot who starts with four shields. Lastly, the item that can make this very easy is the Howard Reactor. It turns all heart drops into shield drops. You can actually buy this item as a trial from the statue right before entering the abyss, allowing you to start a run with the Howard Reactor. Now just clear out all rooms on a floor and don't pick up ANY pickups. Leave them all there until all enemies are dead. Then, go around and pick up all the shields, buy any from the shop, break open walls and open chests, etc., and you shouldn't have any problems getting four more, since the robot starts with four already.

    It should go without saying, but feel free to use the Save Reload Exploit if you miss an opportunity during a later floor. 
  • Found 5 secret rooms in a row.

    This achievement requires you to find and enter the secret room on five floors in a row. Every floor has a single secret room, opened by blasting the wall with an explosive (grenade). There are skills in the skill tree to reveal the wall in question on the first and second floors of each run, but you'll have to find the secret rooms yourself on floors three, four, and five.

    This is way easier to do than it sounds. Most important is making sure you actually have the grenades on each floor to blast open the walls. Playing as Wade starts you with a grenade to guarantee you get the first floor secret room, and you should have no problem getting at least one grenade per floor for the others. 

    As far as finding the secret rooms, they're always in teleporter rooms, never in a random single room. teleporter rooms can have up to four exits from them, and the secret room will always be in one of those four standard positions (upper left, upper right, lower left, or lower right). Explore each floor and collect all the consumables, then circle back to each teleporter room and throw a grenade at each wall in each teleporter room where there isn't an exit marked on your map, to see if the wall blows open. If you're short on grenades and don't have many to waste looking around, you can find where the secret room is after using multiple grenades, then use the Save Reload Exploit to start the floor over. The secret room will always be in the same spot, allowing you to open it with a single grenade and save the others for the next floor. 
  • Complete a run without getting hurt.

    As the description says, you need to finish a run without taking a single hit of damage (whether it be to hearts or shields). This is one of the hardest achievements in the game, but there are actually some things you can do to make this far easier than it otherwise would be, making it pretty manageable for even average gamers.

    First, do this on a new save file. From the main menu, choose Save Slot and pick an empty one. The reason for this is because you want your run to only consist of the first five floors. After you beat Argus, the run is six floors, and after Hal, seven floors. You want the run to be as short as possible.

    Second, play through the tutorial (remap the controls if need be), obviously choose Easy difficulty, and after you beat the boss, quit back to the bar.

    Third, and this is extremely IMPORTANT, go kill yourself in two runs on Easy. This will drop the difficulty from Easy with three dots to Easy with one dot, if you look at the difficulty poster in the bar. The more dots above the difficulty, the harder the game is. Dying takes dots away, so kill yourself twice to drop it from three dots to one dot. You can now play Easy one dot, which is the easiest difficulty in the game.

    With the setup done, you now need to beat each floor without getting hurt. While this is no walk in the park, it's far, far easier on Easy one dot. Enemies barely pay you any attention, and bosses aren't very aggressive. Since you can't get hurt for this achievement, focus all of your items and boss drops on attack strength. Don't pick up heart containers, always go for gun and damage upgrades, and take any items that improve damage. You want to make boss fights as quick as possible to reduce the likelihood of getting hit.

    It should go without saying, but if you do get hit at all, use the Save Reload Exploit to start the floor over again. Layout, enemies, boss, items, etc., don't change, allowing you to learn and improve each time you have to retry a floor. If you find a room or two to be an absolute pain to clear without getting hit, don't bother with that room (if you can avoid it and get to the boss a different route). Most bosses will be very quick and easy on this difficulty and with upgrades. George can be a pain in the beginning with the projectiles he shoots, and the Goddess of Makeup can be annoying if your range isn't enough to reach her while still safe across the room, but all other bosses are pretty simple to learn their attack patterns and avoid them. Boss fights shouldn't take more than a minute or so on this difficulty, so you don't have to dodge for long.

    The fight against Argus will be the hardest part of this run. You definitely want to get as many upgrades as you're comfortable with along the way in previous floors, because that'll make this fight as short as possible. The first phase of this fight is pretty easy to do without getting hit, but those tentacle wire things in the second phase give you virtually no time to react and can ruin things. Hopefully, with enough upgrades through your run, you only need to dodge the wires for two or so cycles before you finish him off. Some luck is almost required here, hoping you get a good wire pattern that's easy to avoid in a split second. Expect to have to restart this floor a few times to nail it, but once you do, you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Complete a run without picking up any hearts.

    Refer to Safety First (80G) for more information. You'll unlock this naturally while getting that achievement.
  • Empty 4 shops in a single run.

    As the description says, in a single run you need to buy every single item from four different shops (one per floor). This can be extremely difficult (mainly luck dependent) to do naturally. Thankfully, there is an exploit to take advantage of to basically guarantee this achievement.

    What you'll want to do is start a new save file. From the main menu, select Save Slot and choose an empty one. This will throw you into the tutorial (remap the controls if need be). Proceed through the tutorial to the boss fight against George, God of Pills. What's important to realize is that during the tutorial, you can't die. You can get hurt down to half a heart, but then you're invincible. By now you've likely noticed that George continually spawns 3-4 flying enemies, and when you kill them, they tend to drop worms. Stepping on those worms releases at least one coin, but sometimes multiple. Since you can't die, what you're going to do is avoid shooting/killing George, and instead just keep killing the enemies he spawns, stepping on the worms they drop so you get coins. In a shop, there is always a weapon for 40 coins, an item for 70 coins, and two items for 30 coins each, meaning you need 170 coins per shop, so 680 coins total across all four shops. You can therefore farm enemies against George until you grind out at least 680 coins. It may sound tedious, but it actually doesn't take that long at all (20 minutes, maximum). To be safe, I recommend grinding out more. I went all the way up to 999 to be safe (that's the max you can have). Once you're done grinding coins, finish off George.

    Here's the only tricky part: after beating George, you'll presumably still have only that half of a heart left at the start of the next level. Worse, and what's important to be aware of, is that even though the game says you've now on Floor 2 after beating George, the game considers it the first floor if you try to use the Save Reload Exploit. This basically means that, after grinding out that money, you now need to get through the next floor without accidentally dying. Assuming you're playing on Easy, this shouldn't prove too challenging. Just play it safe in combat rooms, and try to get to the first shop ASAP so you can buy either the heart or shield for sale there, plus the item and weapon to help survive.

    Once you get through that first real (non-tutorial) floor (making sure to buy everything at that shop), the rest of the floors shouldn't be an issue. You can use the Save Reload Exploit whenever if need be, and since you have so much money, you shouldn't have any issues surviving and having good weapons and items. You'll obviously need to progress to the shop on the fifth floor, buying everything on the way, but as soon as you buy everything from the shop on the fifth floor, this achievement will unlock.
  • Defeat Argus without picking up any items.

    What this achievement requires is for you to reach Argus at the end of the fifth floor and then beat him, all without picking up any items on any of the floors.

    To clarify, here is what you CAN pick up:
    • Heart drops to refill lost health
    • Shield drops
    • Grenades
    • Eggs
    • Keys
    • Money
    And here is what you CANNOT pick up:
    • Weapons, both from the shop and random drops
    • Items, both from the shop or item rooms
    • Any items dropped in challenge rooms or from bosses
    Basically, if it requires you to press button-a.png to pick it up, it will void this achievement. Anything you pick up by touching it is fine.

    As you can see, you're going to have to go through all five floors with your starting weapon, with no upgrades or improvements to damage or fire rate, and nothing else to help you. Your only options for help are: finding as many eggs as possible to have pets that help, finding money so you can buy eggs, health, and shields from shops to restock, and getting grenades so you can access hidden rooms in the hopes of finding eggs, health, and shields.

    Before attempting this run, it's best to make the game as easy as possible. I've explained this elsewhere, but basically you want to do a run on Easy one dot. So, kill yourself on Easy runs until it drops down to one dot. Now the game is at its easiest for this playthrough.

    Since you can't pick up anything,there is zero point in accessing or playing any challenge rooms, game rooms, etc. There's also no point in opening up a shop at all unless you need health. Basically all I did was beeline it from boss to boss. I kept exploration to a minimum because I couldn't buy or pick up items anyway, and there was no point in having more opportunities to lose health while fighting enemies. I also played as Anna, since she starts with four hearts, which is very helpful since you can't upgrade anything.

    Make heavy use of the Save Reload Exploit during this run, ensuring you finish each floor with at least two full hearts so you're safe to explore the next floor and get back any health you need. You definitely want to go into the Argus fight on the fifth floor with full health, because you'll only have four hearts at best, if you're playing as Anna, meaning you can only take three hits during the Argus fight. The fight is going to last a little while because you'll be using the weak starting gun against him. You'll need to do a bit of dodging, but hopefully on the easiest difficulty the fight will still go relatively smoothly.
  • Defeat God of Darknet.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Argus, the God of Darknet, is the boss of the fifth floor, and the final boss of your first run. It basically has two phases to the fight. 

    In the first phase, you can't damage Argus at all. Instead, eyes will appear, and then typically alternate between either shooting a semi homing projectile at you or shooting lasers in the four cardinal directions. You need to destroy all of the eyes to finish the first phase. Just keep moving to avoid the projectiles, and for the lasers, you can usually just stand still, and as long as you aren't directly under an eye and are standing on the ground, the lasers can't hit you. 

    After you destroy all the eyes, the second phase starts. Now you can continously damage Argus by shooting him. You'll have to contend with wire tentacle things that appear across the screen, and you get only a split second to react to them and move out of the way. This is really the only tough part of this fight, because you barely have any time to get out of the way. Keep calm if you get hit and focus fire on Argus, and it'll go down pretty quickly. 
  • Defeat God of Machines.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Hal, the God of Machines, is the boss of the sixth floor, and the final boss of your second run. He also has two phases in his fight. 

    The first phase consists of two attacks that happen pretty much simultaneously. Projectiles continually rain down throughout the entire first phase. Even now and then, lasers will shoot out in all directions from him, preceded by red lines to show where they'll be. Sometimes they rotate, sometimes they don't. Be prepared to move just in case. Unfortunately, you may often get stuck between lasers any projectiles raining down that you can do much about. Thankfully, his hitbox is giant, so you should be able to unload on him the whole time and finish the first phase relatively quickly. 

    For the second phase, be aware that you now need to shoot the round blue core in the center, not its head anymore. Again, you'll have to deal with two different attacks simultaneously. Four big balls will move around and then shoot lasers out in set directions, which they'll first indicate before doing so. The balls themselves don't hurt you, so move around or through them to avoid the lasers. Meanwhile, the core will periodically shoot out a burst of projectiles in all directions. These aren't random. They shoot out in the same direction every time. If you have the ability to fly, going straight up above the core prevents any projectiles from hitting you. Your primary goal should be to avoid the lasers while focusing fire on the core. Find a safe spot of two from the projectiles and try to stay there, only moving to avoid the lasers. 
  • Defeat God of Violence.

    Refer to Seek the Truth (50G) for more information.
  • Defeat Goddess of Illusion.

    Ares (the God of Violence) and Athena (the Goddess of Illusion) are both reached in similar ways. You'll first need to beat Zeus, the God of Lightning, at the end of a run before you can reach these two bosses. Refer to Shutdown (20G) for that.

    Now that your runs consist of seven floors, you can attempt to reach and fight Ares or Athena. You can only fight one per run, so decide ahead of time which one you want to try for. 

    The process for reaching each of these bosses is related entirely to your Faith meter in the lower right corner. In this paragraph, I will explain exactly how Faith works. Your Faith meter can either be red (Violence) or purple (Wisdom). There are certain actions that change the color, and certain ones that just move the meter. For example, the purple crystal chests you find in rooms and the purple doors leading to the shop on each floor are both things that can switch the color of your Faith meter. Additionally, you should get the Crystal Device skill from the skill tree. This shows up in random rooms and also can change the color of your meter. For all three of these things (crystal chest, crystal door, and crystal device), using crystals on them will automatically turn your meter purple, to Wisdom. If your meter is already purple, it'll give you a significant bump in your meter. On the flip side, if you damage the chest, door, or device, it'll turn red with spikes. You now need to touch it to take damage and open it. This automatically turns your meter red (Violence), and likewise gives a significant increase if your meter is already red. The only other way to move your meter is how you perform in combat rooms: if you take no damage, you will get Wisdom, but if you get hit at all, you get Violence. Note though, that the color of your meter won't change from combat performance. If your meter is purple and you beat a room without getting hit, it'll go up. If your meter is purple and you get hit in a room, it'll go DOWN. Likewise, if your meter is already red and you get hit in a room, it'll go up, etc. 

    In my opinion, Wisdom is way easier to maintain just because you don't have to worry about taking damage intentionally from chests and doors and devices. Either way, fill the meter with Wisdom or Violence depending on which boss you want to find. Once you fill the meter with either color, you'll get an onscreen message. Head to any teleporter and go to the secret room off to one side of the map. For Athena, there will be two items to choose from, just like an item room. For Ares, you need to permanently sacrifice a heart container (not just take damage, but lose an entire heart container). Only then can you choose an item. In either case, once you pick an item from the shrine, there is a chance that a Token will appear next to them. In my experience, it seems to be a 50-50 shot. If the Token appears, pick it up. If it doesn't, you'll need to continue the process of filling your Faith meter again on another floor. 

    Once you get the Athena or Ares Token, you no longer need to worry about your Faith meter at all if you don't want to (but you can continue to max it out to get more items from the shrines). Continue the run like normal, beating Zeus on the seventh floor. With him beaten, enter the portal and you'll be taken to a new eighth floor. Proceed through this floor like any other floor and into the boss door to fight Ares or Athena, depending on which token you got. 

    Ares is pretty much entirely a melee boss. He charges back and forth, jumps and tried to smash you, and is generally pretty fast. However, by now you should be pretty decked out with good weapons and items, so keep your distance and this fight will actually be pretty easy. Just be ready to jump over his charges. 

    Athena flies around and shoots out all sorts of projectiles. He has crystals that explode projectiles, energy balls that circle her and the shoot out, clones that shoot lasers out, etc. It's a fight with a lot to dodge, but it never really gets that chaotic as long as you stay calm and focused. She moves around the air a lot, so it's important to also keep your fire focused on her, as it's really easy for her to slip away while you're concentrated on dodging stuff. 
  • Defeat God of Electricity.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Zeus, the God of Electricity, is the boss of the seventh floor, and the final boss for every regular run from your third run onwards. He more or less has two phases, but thankfully is much easier than Hal, in my opinion. 

    In the first phase he just shoots homing projectiles at you. Keep your distance and these are really easy to jump around and avoid. 

    In the second phase, he'll periodically send waves of lightning strikes from both sides of him. Either stay away, attempt to get between them, or optimally, stay right under/above him where the lightning doesn't strike. He'll use an attack where three energy balls converge on you pretty quickly. You need to weave out of the way before they converge on you. Keep moving and be ready to jump. 

    All in all, this is definitely an easier fight than Argus and Hal, and shouldn't pose many problems, especially with all the items and such you've acquired by now. 

Secret achievements

  • Get killed by your own bomb while in the air.

    I don't see any possible scenario in which this would happen naturally, but thankfully it's really easy to do right at the start of a run. Start a run as Wade (starting character), since he starts with a bomb. Enter a combat room and kill all but one enemy. Let that enemy take you down to half a heart, then kill it. Now, stand at a wall, through your bomb at it, and then jump right before it explodes. You'll unlock this achievement and Don't Panic (10G) (and also First Blood (10G)) if you don't have them already.
  • Defeat God of Machines without getting hurt.

    As the description says, you need to beat Hal, the God of Machines, without taking any damage at all. Hal is the boss of the sixth floor. 

    This is obviously challenging, but what you can do to make it as easy as possible is to not only play on Easy difficulty, but first kill yourself over and over on Easy difficulty such that there is only one dot above the Easy poster in the bar. The more dots above the difficulty, the harder it is. Die over and over to lower the dots to just one. This is now the easiest possible difficulty. 

    The run itself leading up to Hal is unfortunately at the mercy of RNG. Ideally, you'll get an item that lets you fly (Divinity or Pegasus), as it makes the second phase of the Hal fight a piece of cake. However, the most important thing to focus on during the run leading up to Hal is gun level and gun damage, as well as bullets and fire rate, if they're applicable (they aren't applicable if you're using a laser weapon). Basically, ignore anything defensive on your run and only take stuff that improves your damage. If you can find a Soul Bringer weapon, you're pretty set. 

    On each floor, I highly recommend using the Save Reload Exploit if you mess up the challenge room and don't get a gun upgrade. Beating a challenge room without getting hit guarantees a gun upgrade, so use the exploit to ensure you get it on each floor. This will allow you to go into the Hal fight with a very strong gun regardless of what weapon you have, making the fight far shorter. 

    As for the fight itself, the first phase is the toughest because, depending on your weapon, it can be hard to see the projectiles raining down if your weapon is taking up a lot of the screen. I therefore recommend standing off to one side while you shoot him in the first phase, because if you're right under him shooting straight up, you're likely to miss a projectile falling down amongst your bullets. 

    For the second phase, if you can fly up, you're golden. Go directly above the blue ball, right in the center, and his blue balls he shoots out will never hit you. The lasers rarely use a pattern that'll reach you in the air, but if they do, you'll have to improvise. If you can't fly, you should continue to stand off to one side while you shoot the core, paying attention only to the lasers so you can avoid them. A homing weapon is great here because you can focus entirely on dodging and don't have to worry about aiming. 

    If you get hit, use the Save Reload Exploit to start the floor over again. Unless you get some significantly helpful on the sixth floor, just beeline right to the boss fight to try again. Also, don't worry if you get hit right at the end. Even with the boss dead, you can still use the exploit to start the floor over as long as you don't enter the portal. 
  • Kill Athena in Abyssal Difficulty.

    This is by far the hardest achievement in the game. Just as hard as this achievement is actually unlocking Abyssal difficulty. Refer to The Real Game (50G) for doing so.

    Despite what you may read online in various sources, as of the writing of this guide in February 2023 (and presumably after all updates to the game have finished), once you unlock Abyssal difficulty in the bar, it's unlocked permanently, and there are no consequences for dying on Abyssal difficulty (there are no dots above the difficulty or anything like that to worry about).

    *IMPORTANT* In my opinion, the absolute most important thing to know about your Abyssal run to beat Athena is that you need to be sure you don't go up against Cursed Zeus or Cursed Athena, as they're insanely challenging, and Cursed Zeus's level is so unfair you'll likely rage quit. So, to make this run as easy as possible (relatively), you need to be absolutely certain you do NOT meet the criteria to fight the Cursed version of these two bosses.
    • For Zeus, this is relatively easy, as you'll need to raise your Wisdom to get an Athena Token anyway to even reach Athena for this achievement. Just make sure you have some of your Faith meter full when you go into the fight against Hal on the sixth floor. This will ensure that you get the regular Zeus level and fight the regular version of him. (If you beat Hal with no Faith, you run the risk of entering the Cursed Zeus level, which is essentially a run ender)
    • For the Athena fight, you fight the Cursed version of her by filling your Wisdom meter on her floor (the eighth floor) and then teleporting to the secret room where you'd normally get to choose an item. Do NOT do this, obviously. It may seem like an unlikely thing to do on an Abyssal run, but it happened to me, and I didn't know what was coming. So, on the eighth and final floor, proceed to the boss door like normal. Do NOT teleport to an Athena room, if you unlock one.
    As for the run itself, you'll obviously need to make sure you fill your Wisdom meter and get an Athena Token. All the good weapons and items don't matter if you don't even get the token to reach Athena. Like always, you're at the mercy of RNG to hope you get the token, as well as good items and weapons, but here are a bunch of tips to make it easier on you:
    • Before even attempting this, unlock all of the skills in the skill tree at the bar that add items to the shop and add breakables to the rooms (heart barrels, shield barrels, key barrels, orange painted blocks, etc.), as well as the switches that open up secret rooms (one for no damage and one for full health). These are extremely useful, both for getting more consumables (grenades, keys, crystals, money), and for finding more hearts/shields to keep you flush.
    • Character selection isn't a huge deal. I played as Ming, but you could just as easily play as Anna since she starts with four hearts.
    • Obviously plan to use the Save Reload Exploit continually throughout your run if you do poorly on a floor, and especially if you're close to dying. I always did it when I was two hits from dying, just so I wouldn't accidentally die and lose that entire run
    • You will likely have your own weapon preferences by the time you're attempting this, but my top weapons were always Animosity, Soul Bringer, and Meteor. My favorite was Animosity for the first six floors of the run. The angry sprites can go through walls, do a lot of damage to enemies (killing most normal ones outright), and they recharge very quickly. The active skill is also extremely useful - you can spend 5 crystals and 50 coins to upgrade your weapon. NOTE THAT LEVEL 8 IS THE MAX. If you reach Level 8 (very reasonable in a full run with the Animosity), don't waste any more money on upgrades, and don't even bother entering challenge rooms. One important thing to note about Animosity though, is that the angry spites are completely useless against Hal and against Athena. For some reason, they don't track and attack properly. Hal isn't bad to defeat with your regular shots from the gun, but Athena would be incredibly difficult with Animosity. I used the gun to reach Level 8, and then bought a new gun between floors six, seven, and eight, since gun level carries over to all weapons
    • For items, especially when you have two to choose from, google every item before you pick one up. This is extremely important, so you always ensure you're making the optimal selection for your build and playstyle. While there are no "bad" items, there are some that can really mess you up, such as the one that drops a mine every time you jump. That mine can hurt you, making it really easy to accidentally hurt yourself throughout the run. Just google "Neon Abyss [item name]" to get a description of it on the Neon Abyss wiki. It's quick to do and can make a huge diffierence on your run, having the right items
    • It should go without saying, but flying (Divinity or Pegasus) are probably the best items in the game. They make you so much less likely to take damage, clearing rooms is far easier, and the boss fights are so much easier to manage. Make these items top priority
    • If you don't have Animosity to upgrade your gun, I highly recommend making it a point to complete the challenge room on each floor without getting hit so you get the gun upgrade. Athena is a challenging boss already, but having anything less than a top level gun will make the fight drag out even longer. I used the Save Reload Exploit for each floor until I beat each challenge without taking damage (or at least got the gun upgrade as a reward, which you can still sometimes get even with getting hit once)
    • Use the Save Reload Exploit to optimize each floor. You don't want to go on to the next floor knowing you took multiple avoidable hits throughout combat rooms. If you get hit a lot and know you could've avoided it, retry the floor. Everything stays the same, so you'll be able to get better and be more efficient
    • Leave all hearts and shields that drop from breakables and enemies until AFTER you beat the boss of the floor. You can pick up hearts to refill anything you've lost along the way, but NEVER pick up shields as you progress through rooms. The reason you never want to pick up shields as you progress is because if you take damage and lose a heart, you can replenish it with another heart drop. If you take damage and have a shield to lose, and your hearts are full, now all heart drops throughout a floor are useless. So, progress using only your hearts, not picking up any shields, so that heart drops can still be utilized if you take damage. Do this even for the boss fights, waiting until after you beat the boss to then go back through every room and pick up all the hearts and shields you left behind. Also stop back at the store and buy any hearts or shields there to refill whatever you need. NOTE though that you CANNOT go back once you enter the boss fights against Argus, Hal, and Zeus on floors five, six, and seven, respectively. You therefore should pick up all the drops BEFORE entering those boss fights
    • Along the same lines as the above, after you clear all the rooms and after beating the boss on the first four floors (but before beating the boss on the fifth floor and above), go back through EVERY room. Even if nothing shows on your map, go back through every room. Make sure you didn't miss any pickups. If nothing is on your map, there still might be orange painted blocks to explode, barrels or jars to break that can drop stuff, etc. Also be sure to teleport to any secret rooms, as any drops in those rooms never show on your map. Check EVERYWHERE before moving on
    Lastly, and this will be the hardest to hear, but sometimes you just need to give up. Even with all the tips above, you're still entirely at the mercy of RNG for your weapon and items. Some runs things just won't line up. There's no point in trying to force your way through bosses and floors with a bad weapon, even if it's leveled up, and with items that do you no good. I went into the Athena boss fight with 7 or 8 hearts, a couple shields, a Level 8 Meteor, the ability to fly, many pets, and good items, and it still took me 5-10 tries to beat her without dying. Trying to do so with a crappy weapon and useless items will make things way harder than they need to be.

    Along the same lines, boss fights can't just be tanked anymore, nor can they be rushed through with powerful weapons. You will actually need to learn enemy attack patterns and get good at dodging them, Athena especially. After beating each boss, decide if you did well enough to move on to the next floor, or if you barely made it and should restart the floor. You shouldn't be moving on to the next floor if you only have one or two hearts left, as that'll make the next floor incredibly difficult to get a successful run. It may be hard to commit to retrying a floor after finally managing it, but it's better than a full restart of a run.

    On my successful run (which you're about to see had a ton of good RNG in it), I got the Animosity on the second floor, and fully upgraded it by the sixth floor (thanks to early challenge rooms and then its active ability). I got Pegasus on the third floor, Hacking Tool on the fourth floor, and a bunch of other good items. On the final floor, I got a Meteor at the shop to buy and switch to, now that I was at Level 8. As I mentioned above, even with all those advantages it was still a tough fight. I restarted floors many times over the course of a few hours to make sure I progressed as safely as possible, and I still had to restart the Athena floor because of failing at the boss fight over five times. My point is that even with really good RNG, you're still going to need to "get good" to an extent, learning enemy and boss attack patterns to get through as much as possible without getting hit.

    Once you beat Athena, the achievement will unlock immediately, and you can breathe easy know the hardest is behind you.
  • Unlock Abyssal difficulty.

    This is one of the hardest achievements in the game. To unlock Abyssal difficulty, you need to first beat both Ares and Athena on any difficulty (can be Easy difficulty; refer to Seek the Truth (50G) for how to find and beat them both). With them both beaten, you now need to beat a run on Hard difficulty with 5 dots. How the dot system works is that the more dots above the difficulty, the harder it will be. Dots accumulate after successful runs, and you lose a dot if you die. You start with three dots be default. So, before you can even unlock Abyssal difficulty, you'll need to win runs on Hard difficulty to build up dots to reach 5 dots. If you die, you'll lose a dot. So, while you don't need to win runs in a row necessarily, you do need to build up dots by winning more than you lose. This is what makes this achievement pretty challenging.

    Despite that, two important things to realize:
    • If you're having a bad run and just want to start over because RNG wasn't on your side, you can pause and choose Return to Bar to start a new run, and this won't make you lose any dots
    • While working your way up to five dots from three dots (or wherever you started), you can ban as much as you want. If you haven't used this mechanic yet, take the elevator to the basement and you'll be able to see all of the weapons, items, and pets you've found/unlocked so far. Normally, if you ban more than five total things, achievements are disabled. This is still the case, but just because achievements are disabled doesn't mean you can't build up dots! So, you can ban every single weapon except the one or two you prefer (I banned everything except Animosity and Soul Bringer), ban all the useless items for your build and playstyle (only keep ones that improve damage, firepower, shield and health, etc.), and definitely ban the pets Peter and Grabber, as well as Blue Doctor. I had over 100 things banned for these runs
    Banning so much will drastically increase the odds of you getting what you want (you'll still get weapons and items you haven't discovered yet, so be aware of that), but at least you're somewhat stacking the odds in your favor. This should make it a little more manageable to complete runs on Hard difficulty. All of the same strategies in Ultimate Challenge (60G) apply, so refer to that achievement for more tips.

    Note: After you beat Hard mode a couple times and amass five dots, MAKE SURE YOU UNBAN EVERYTHING. You need to go into your Hard five dot run without achievements disabled, so don't forget to go to the basement and use the button just to the right to reset everything back to unbanned before you start your next run.
  • Dance in the bar for 30 minutes.

    This achievement can be annoying if you don't have a wired controller. In the Bar area, there's an obvious dance floor. Walk in front of it to get a prompt to dance. Now you need to stand there dancing for 30 minutes straight. Pressing virtually anything on your controller will cause you to stop dancing. If you have a wired controller, you can plug it in and leave it idle for 30 minutes. However, with a wireless controller, if it turns off, it resets the 30 minutes you need to wait. Thankfully, there is a good workaround available for wireless controllers. Once you start dancing, press the guide button on the controller. You'll see your character still dancing in the background, but now you can freely navigate the guide area to keep your wireless controller on without stopping your character from dancing. Just babysit your controller for 30 minutes to unlock this pointless achievement.

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