The Ultimate Opinion Achievement

  • The Ultimate Opinion



    Rate 250 titles

    While browsing Netflix, you can click on a title to bring up a little menu that includes a brief summary and some other options. At the bottom, below Recommend to a friend, you should see Rate this title. You can give it anything between one and five stars.

    You CAN rate the same title 250 times to unlock this achievement, though you must do this on your Xbox One. Even though the ratings you submit on your other devices are apparent on the Xbox One app, all 250 must be done on your Xbox One.

  • As of around October 2015 (from what I have researched) the rating achievements are glitched. I have been trying still (the date today is 5/02/2016) but still no luck yet. There are people working with MS and Netflix to resolve the issue. Considering the achievements aren't worth any gamerscore there shouldn't be a problem for many people. However, if you are like me and completion rate means more than the score, this could be an issue. Thought I would leave a comment for people to read if they ever come by here. Sc0ttford
  • Things that have been tried: 1) Redownloading profile to xbox one. 2) Uninstalling and reinstalling netflix 3) going to my account on netflix pc and removing all previously rated shows, viewing list and saved my list (potentially resetting netflix to vanilla) 4) rating the same show 250 times 5) rating 250 different shows 6) rating shows that were from the beginning of netflix rather than recently added That's all so far. Will post again if I manage to find a remedy that works or if someone else does.
  • i have found a possible solution, im outside US, so i used US DNS for Netflix and let me Rate the shows, only works 1 different show rated, you can check my profile "TedBundYzcoa", i just unlocked today the 5, 25 and 100 rated achievements
  • Nevermind, ignore comment #3, aparently theres an update from 23 feb 16, and this achievements has been fixed!!
  • I can confirm that the achievements are working. I got these in a few minutes by clicking a show episode, and while the auto-play started I just rated it 5 (click A), 4 (click A), 3 (click A), 2 (click A), 1 (click A) and then back up. Took about 2 minutes.

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